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United Airlines' new boarding policy gets mixed reviews from travelers - Fox Business

Author: Fox Business

Source: https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/united-airlines-new-boarding-policy-gets-mixed-reviews-travelers

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United Airlines is debuting new plans to let economy passengers with window seats board first.The airline’s new boarding process, called WILMA (windows, middle, aisle), is rolling out just ahead of the holiday travel months, with an aim to speed up boarding efficiencies.United is projecting that it will shed two minutes of boarding, which will help the planes take off on time.Overall, the airline will be able to add a new flight to the schedule each day.Ticker Security Last Change Change % UAL UNITED AIRLINES HOLDINGS INC.34.80 +0.90 +2.65%ALASKA AIR OFF-DUTY PILOT TOOK MUSHROOMS, COURT DOCS SHOWHowever, some passengers are airing their grievances about the new plans."It’s an inconvenience for people that might be paying more and still have to wait longer to board to seat window passengers first," Sherry Brazil, a traveler passing through Newark Liberty International Airport, told FOX Business.For some, the move is strengthening allegiance to the window seat."As a window person, I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal," said TikTok user Leona Marlene, whose account features travel tips and advice. "But I could see aisle people being a little bit bothered by this." SENATE CONFIRMS NEW FAA CHIEFPassengers at Newark airport said that access to overhead space is a reason why customers pay higher prices for certain seats.Successfully finding room for a carry-on item above a seat is more likely when boarding in the first few groups.WHO IS CAPT EMERSON?ALASKA AIRLINES RELEASES DETAILS ON OFF-DUTY PILOT WHO ALLEGEDLY TRIED TO CRASH FLIGHTUnited told FOX Business that it is in the process of retrofitting its aircraft with larger overhead bins that will have enough space for each customer to have a carry-on suitcase onboard.The larger bins are also available on all of United’s new aircraft.The updated storage capacity will "largely eliminate the need for customers in later boarding groups to gate check their luggage."The new updates will not be completed until 2026, according to United. Meantime, customers who do not secure overhead space will have to check their carry-on to the final destination.Another passenger said that the amount of time it takes to get on a plane depends on how quickly the passengers move."If people take the time with the bags and things like that, then the purpose is defeated," a flyer at Newark said.A United Airlines plane is seen taxiing on the tarmac at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida.( Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images / Getty Images)Others are on board with the new plans."This is a genius idea," said TikTok user Gina M."I travel two times a month, and I hate having to wait for people in the aisle to get up."Another TikToker, who claims to be an "aisle person," says that he loves the idea."Why sit in a cramped plane when I can board right before we leave?" Neko Swift said.It’s not the first time United has used the WILMA process.The airline tested the new process at five airports in 2017 after introducing its Basic Economy, carry-on-restricted ticket.GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREOther airlines have tested out variations of the system before but have reverted to giving priority boarding to first-class and business-class passengers.United will still allow early boarding for those with disabilities, unaccompanied minors and active military members, and priority boarding for passengers with first- or business-class seats, in addition to status flyers or those with credit card advantages."Anything that makes the process go faster is fine with me," a passenger named Robert told FOX Business. "I’m willing to give it a try."

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