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NFL fans, former players react to glorious A.J. Brown catch - NBC Sports Philadelphia

Author: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Source: https://www.nbcsportsphiladelphia.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/nfl-fans-former-players-react-to-glorious-a-j-brown-catch-eagles-commanders/543120/

Image of NFL fans, former players react to glorious A.J. Brown catch - NBC Sports Philadelphia

It's redundant to say at this point but A.J.Brown is … insanely good.Scary good.And he's an Eagle.Man, we are lucky.After going five consecutive weeks with 125-plus receiving yards, he just made a catch against the Commanders to further his case as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL.The Eagles' offense struggled in the first half of Week 8 against Washington but a dart from Jalen Hurts found Brown in the corner of the end zone ...and the entire league is talking about it.Fans (both of the Eagles and throughout the league).Former players. Top sports sites.Philadelphia EaglesThe catch is everywhere … and rightfully so.AJ BROWN JUST MADE QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST AMAZING CATCH IN EAGLES HISTORYTHIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE AJ BROWN IS UNDENIABLY HIM!!!!BEST WR IN FOOTBALL!!pic.twitter.com/czlRX5tsbl— Philly Sports Sufferer (@mccrystal_alex) October 29, 2023Wow what a catch!!That’s just a great drive by Hurts getting the ball out quickly, Gainwell getting out of bounds, o line protecting up front and AJ Brown being an alien and making crazy plays— Brian Westbrook (@36westbrook) October 29, 2023you don’t have to be a fan of the eagles but you better not EVER fix ur mouth to say AJ Brown isn’t an elite player.That man is a top 2 WR in the league, and he ain’t number 2.Put some respect on his name.— Breezy🦅 (@YourHost_Breezy) October 29, 2023Later in the game, Brown also made history — surpassing 125-plus receiving yards for a sixth consecutive game. This is now the longest streak in NFL history.Thanks again, Tennessee Titans.

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