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More Americans say scientists don't understand climate change - Daily Mail

Author: Daily Mail

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12680177/Americans-climate-scientists-understand-global-warming-suspicious-poll.html

Image of More Americans say scientists don't understand climate change - Daily Mail

Americans increasingly say climate activists don't understand global warming, are suspicious of green activists and are tired of endlessly debating the subject, a poll shows.Pew Research Center data released this week show that while Americans are concerned about mankind's impact on the climate, they are growing more skeptical about the issue.The survey comes after Republican climate skeptic Mike Johnson was elevated this week to House speaker, and after a summer in which US climate activists struggled to gain traction.The poll of nearly 9,000 adults found that only about one-third of Americans believe climate scientists really understand whether climate change is happening.Climate protests in Washington DC this summer failed to match the scale of those held in EuropeVoters are becoming less convinced of the claims of climate scientists They are also becoming less convinced of the claims of climate scientists, who broadly agree that mankind's pollution is raising temperatures and causing deadly weather events.Two years ago, 37 percent of respondents said climate scientists understood the issue 'very well.'When they were asked again this September, only 32 percent felt the same way.Republicans were significantly more skeptical of scientists' knowledge than were Democrats.Though most respondents said they were saddened by climate change leading to more wildfires, droughts and floods, many also expressed irritation at political tensions over the topic.Nearly four fifths of respondents said they are 'frustrated' by the rancorous debate about global warming.Nearly half said they were 'confused about all the information out there.'Americans increasingly question whether climate scientists, like those working with the UN, understand their subjectFrustrated, suspicious and annoyed ...Americans' changing attitude to climate scienceA majority said they were 'suspicious' of the activists and groups that push warnings of climate change.According to Pew, this is because activists use 'crisis language' to discuss global warming, which many respondents rank as a 'lower-tier priority.'Meanwhile, another third of respondents said they were 'annoyed' that so much time was spent debating the topic.Republican voters were even more frustrated by climate politics.Fully 78 percent said they were suspicious about treehuggers, and 58 percent said too much time was spent talking about it.Americans of all stripes are becoming less involved in the debate.The number of respondents attending rallies, volunteering, donating money or calling a lawmaker about global warming fell three percentage points to 21 percent these past three years.Republican climate skeptic Mike Johnson was elevated to House speaker this week, a reflection of the national malaiseRepublicans are much more skeptical of climate science than their Democratic counterparts This has been the experience of one climate group, Declare Emergency, the US franchise of UK climate crusader Roger Hallam's Extinction Rebellion (XR) outfit.Hallam earlier this year unveiled plans for a huge 'civil disobedience campaign' of blocked highways and mass disruptions in Washington DC and New York City this summer.Instead, Declare Emergency's summer of chaos fizzled and flopped, with only a handful of activists donning goofy dinosaur outfits and staging an 'extinction' protest on Washington DC's subway.Members of the US climate group have privately said it was difficult to recruit on this side of the pond, where people are less keen on green issues and don't want to travel to rallies.'We have been understaffed and funded, so haven't been able to follow the plan fully,' one of Declare Emergency's organizers told DailyMail.com.Commuters in Washington DC showed little interest in talking to Declare Emergency's cosplay activistsMembers admit that they could not match the XR rallies that put tens of thousands of protestors on the streets of London, effectively shutting down the British capital.'When it comes to organizing movements, it's hard to compare the US with any European country,' he added.'We're too dispersed here, geographically.'Even with lackluster support, the climate is making its own strong case for change.Wildfires, heat waves, floods, drought and more are becoming more extreme.July and August were the first and second hottest months ever measured, and 2023 is virtually certain to be the hottest recorded since the mid-19th century.Much of the world's population experienced at least 30 days of heat worsened by climate change this summer.

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