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Realty Income among real estate losers after acquisition news; Spirit Realty in gainers - Seeking Alpha

Author: Seeking Alpha

Source: https://seekingalpha.com/news/4026330-realty-income-among-real-estate-losers-after-acquisition-news-spirit-realty-capital-in-losers

Image of Realty Income among real estate losers after acquisition news; Spirit Realty in gainers - Seeking Alpha

Comments (39)Started dipping my toes in around $50, getting longer now :)Thinking about adding but I’ll wait for high 30s.Otherwise looking at other reit opportunities like maa and cpt where I’ve been doing light buying.I know they are different.Who is the main competitor to O?@DLLL I think NNN is a competitor of O.This is my only REIT.Have held for a few years.Thought about selling recently but didn't pull the trigger.Oh well, as they say, it's not a loss until you sell.No point selling now, plan to hold long term as it's in my IRA and don't have to sell for many years.Bought this morning at 45.51. Seems like a gift.To all those lamenting today's price drop: if you bought O for short term price appreciation then you have made the wrong investment.Once it assimilates SRC, which sold out for far too little, O will amp up the dividend again and keep the income flowing.The price will follow especially when the 10yr stabilizes.As for the misinformed few spreading the fear of a dividend cut-- that's more sad than funny but funny nonetheless.Wow...I wouldn't buy yet. I think $O is going down further this week with dividend at risk being cut.@Ronaldo123 What sort of reasoning do you have that the dividend will be cut?@Ronaldo123 Based on what I see on the balance sheet, O will not cut its dividend.What do you see?This is why I got out of REITs a few months ago.I think they are still heading down big time from here.Going to wait until first interest rate cut to be rumored and then try to buy at the bottom.@Big Red Income Farmer it’s Hard to Buy at the bottom.I bought today at 45,50 $.Seems to me like a fair Trade. But we will see.@OBI1978 I hear you.But in this case, hard to think anything in REITs will improve much until rates start to decline.Seems like they are all tanking in unison as rates go up.So just logically thinking that the opposite will happen....to those who are not deep in office spaces....when the rates start to drop.I don't need absolute bottom, but I do think most are going to drop from here.This is a bad place to be.Here for a long run. Loaded lots of $O today.Yes a 6% drop, is justabout whatI expected after considering how many SA REIT pundits were recommending "O" and allegedly buying it "Hand over fist"...been almost 1 bull article a day for quite a while, now.Catch a falling knife, anyone?The day of the REIT is over, it is the day of the Treasury.@Reel Ken Your comment says that bottom is nearIm a buyer here tbh, this dip in O is a giftI see I have company in my reit loses.I have sold off a few earlier but am staying strong with others like O and buying on dips like today.I’m getting obliterated in my REITs.@BullsDividendsI am starting to buy some, and dca in etf for pension for the long term

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