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Eyesore no more? - Tech company pitches resign of NYC's 5G cell towers - FOX 5 New York

Author: Tech company pitches resign of NYC's 5G cell towers

Source: https://www.fox5ny.com/news/eyesore-no-more-tech-company-pitches-resign-of-nycs-5g-cell-towers

Image of Eyesore no more? - Tech company pitches resign of NYC's 5G cell towers - FOX 5 New York

Published October 30, 2023 7:26PMRedesigning cell towers in NYC Ever since New York City began installing 5G towers in order to bring high-speed internet to the entire city, there have been complaints that the constructions are eyesores.Now, one company thinks they have a solution to help the towers blend in better with their surroundings.NEW YORK - Around this time last year, the installation of dozens of 32-foot 5G poles across New York City was met with outrage among residents.And the frustration hasn't gone away, with many residents calling the structures ‘eye sores,’ and saying they look rundown and outdated.The city installed the poles intended to bring free high-speed internet across the five boroughs in underserved areas.When we saw some of the pushback, a lot of the pushback on these poles we developed a solution with our own industrial designers," said Jim Lockwood.READ MORE: 5G towers spark outrage across NYC Lockwood is the CEO of Comptek Technologies, where he reworked the idea that’ll be a lot easier on the eyes, he hopes. The designs look just like the streetlights specific to the neighborhood the towers are located in."If you’re in Soho, there’s a different style than there is in the Wall Street area and so the polls are going to look the same as that neighborhood," said Lockwood.So far, the designs are getting pretty good early reviews."It’s very beautiful it makes the neighborhood look a little more expensive, adds a lot of character to it," one resident told FOX 5.The company has more than 6,000 similar models installed across the United States in cities like LA, San Fransisco, and Pittsburgh. Beyond 5G, the poles will also house sensors for sound and air pollution with electric vehicle chargers integrated into the poles’ bases.Comptek Technologies says the aim is to make the poles ‘future proof.’ "We’re thinking ahead about what’s going to be on these poles in 10 years because the poles aren’t going away," said Lockwood.The plan for installation isn’t final just yet.The company must get city approval and says they plan on getting community feedback over the 2 months with a final design.They could be on city streets as soon as March of 2024.

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