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Albertville business nearly loses thousands to scam call - WAFF

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Source: https://www.waff.com/2023/10/28/albertville-business-nearly-loses-thousands-scam-call/

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala.(WAFF) - “It would have cost us about five thousand dollars.”Steve Denney, owner of the Trading Post in Albertville reacts to a close call with a scam caller.Denney says this all started when his employee received a call from someone claiming to be an investigator with the Attorney General’s Office.“They said that they believed the Trading Post was laundering money.So, they told her she needed to be discreet about it, told her to go in the office and get all the money from the other stores,” said Denney.If the employee did not comply, the caller threatened to put her in jail.Denney says the caller had the employee take the money to a different retailer nearby and exchange it for gift cards, but the store clerk recognized the scam and stopped her.Attorney General Steve Marshall says his office will never call you with these requests.“No.You’re never gonna see an individual connected with the Attorney General’s Office, or with law enforcement frankly, contacting an individual demanding payment, particularly in the form of gift cards or some prepaid debit card in exchange for them not going to jail,” Marshall said.Denney says the most frightening part of this scam — the caller disclosed private information only employees would know, including what the employee was wearing at the time of the call.“They knew what this girl was doing, where she was at at the store, everything. They really put fear into her.She was really afraid that she might go to jail or prison,” Denney said.Steve Marshall says this is not the first time scammers have used his likeness or his office to scam victims.If you or your business receives a call of this nature, you can report it directly to the office of the Attorney General.“They absolutely can report it to our office, to our consumer hotline and we’ll be glad to take that information.We’ll definitely investigate,” Marshall says.Marshall also says to remember as much information about the caller as possible.“Try to find out what number the call came from to the extent the individual identified themselves.We’ll work with our own investigators and local law enforcement to see what we can do.”The number for the consumer hotline is 1-800-392-5658.Click Here to Subscribe on YouTube: Watch the latest WAFF 48 news, sports & weather videos on our YouTube channel!Copyright 2023 WAFF. All rights reserved.

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