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16 Times Movie Adaptations Changed The Books And It Worked Out Really WellI for one am glad, that in the Stuart Little movie, Mrs Little didn't give birth to a rat...Whenever a book gets adapted for the silver screen, we can always expect changes.Most of the time these changes are pretty disappointing...But that's not always the case – here are 16 times movies deviated from the source material and people loved the changes|!3.Sophie finding out she's a descendant of Jesus in The Da Vinci Code5.Stuart being adopted, instead of Mrs Little giving birth to a RAT in Stuart Little6.Amy and Nick publicly announcing their pregnancy at the end of Gone Girl7.Emily ending up in prison in A Simple Favor8.The battle being revealed as a vision after it happened in Breaking Dawn9.Removing an affair between Hooper and the chief's wife in Jaws10.Changing the ages of the kids in Jurassic Park11.Setting the story in US and Ireland, as opposed to Ireland and Spain in P.S.I Love You12.Making Mia's grandma kind – instead of mean – in The Princess Diaries13.Adding in more urgency in getting the ring out of the Shire in The Lord of The Rings14.Marcus NOT running away at the end of About a Boy15.Keeping Effie in all the instalments of The Hunger Games16.Charlie earning his inheritance in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryWhat book to movie change do you love?Let us know in the comments.

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