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Amtrak Is Making It Easier Than Ever To Book Domestic Train Travel - Forbes

Author: Forbes

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kaitlynmcinnis/2023/10/30/amtrak-is-making-it-easier-than-ever-to-book-domestic-train-travel/

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NEW YORK: Passengers walk to board an Amtrak train in Penn Station in New York City.(Photo by ...[+] Mario Tama/Getty Images)Getty ImagesAmtrak is making it easier—and more affordable—to book rail travel within the United States.The brand has introduced a new and simplified fare structure with more flexible and affordable options.The revamp in structure is based on extensive customer research and is just one of the recent improvements Amtrak has made to the overall booking experience in order to entice travelers to opt for train tickets over driving or flying across the country.“[The new] streamlined fare structure with more affordable and flexible fares is part of Amtrak's continued commitment to upgrading the customer experience at every step along their journey,” explained Amtrak President Roger Harris in a press release.The recent change in structure will reduce fare types from three different categories down to just two with the idea being to provide a more consistent and reliable booking experience with pared-down fare types that are more clearly differentiated and easier to understand.The new Flex fare was designed for travelers looking for more leeway in their travel schedule; these tickets are fully refundable if canceled and can also be changed without fees at any time before departure for added convenience.The new Value fare is for travelers looking for the lowest possible ticketing option—who won’t need to change their travel plans last minute.This option is non-changeable but travelers will still receive a 75% refund if canceled before departure.These changes come at the heels of a myriad of updates and improvements Amtrak has been working on.Other updates include ultra-low Night Owl fares—which can be as low as $5 on select routes; updating the children’s discount so that all children (up to age 12) can travel for 50% off with an accompanying adult rather than just one child; and expanding passenger discounts—like senior or military—to apply to all sales and fare types.Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Check out my website.

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