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Manhunt continues after Maine shooting rampage: live updates - CNN

Author: CNN

Source: https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/lewiston-maine-mass-shootings-10-27-23/index.html

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Manhunt continues after Maine shooting rampage32 min agoNews conference will be held at 5 p.m.ET, according to officialsFrom CNN's Sara SmartA news conference will be held at 5 p.m.ET at Lewiston City Hall as authorities continue the manhunt for suspected shooter Robert Card, according to a press release from Shannon Moss, public information officer with the Maine Department of Public Safety.41 min agoFamily member of Lewiston shooting victim: He made "your day better just by his presence"From CNN’s Caroll AlvaradoRon Morin Obtained by CNNRon Morin has been identified as one of the victims of the mass shooting in Maine, his family member Cecile Francoeur Martin told CNN.Morin was at Schemengees Bar and Grille Wednesday night when the shooting happened.Martin, who is a cousin of Morin’s wife, says the family is “asking for prayers and privacy during this incredible time of shock and profound grief.”In an interview with the Bangor Daily News, Martin described Morin as a gregarious, upbeat, and happy guy.Martin told the newspaper that Morin was “just one of those people that if you are having a bad day, he was going to make your day better just by his presence.”56 min agoSearching river near Lisbon will be a "tremendous undertaking," official saysFrom CNN's Michelle WatsonLaw enforcement officials prepare to search the Androscoggin River in Lisbon, Maine, on Friday.Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty ImagesThe search of the Androscoggin River near Lisbon, Maine, which is happening Friday, will be a "tremendous undertaking," according to a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries of Wildlife (MDIFW).Divers are looking for any evidence or information that may lead to the capture of Robert Card, the suspect in Wednesday's shooting rampage that left 18 dead and 13 injured. Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said in an earlier news conference the search with divers would begin today."It's a tremendous undertaking and no one agency could do it alone," MDIFW spokesperson Mark Latti said in an interview with reporters that aired on Fox News."So having the resources that we have — both national and at the state level — really gives us a great team to fan out and really try and find him as quickly as possible.""There was a lot of work that was done yesterday ...that might not have been visible to the media and the cameras," Latti added.Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said in an earlier news conference that the search with divers would begin today.It's unclear how long the river search will take, Latti said."There's no time limit on it ...could be a couple hours, could be longer," Latti said. "I mean, when you're talking about a water search, in the water, that takes longer than an air search." 1 hr 20 min agoAuthorities find note from shooting suspect indicating that he didn't expect to be alive when it was foundFrom CNN's John MillerAuthorities found a note from the Maine shooting suspect, Robert Card, which indicated that Card didn't expect to be alive when it was found, the equivalent of a suicide note in some manner, a law enforcement official told CNN.This is, in part, is why the investigation has shifted to searching nearby waterways, the law enforcement source said.The note, described by the official, essentially gave information and instruction to others about where things could be found and disposed of — ultimately suggesting when it was found or read that Card would no longer be alive.Authorities are following a natural progression of leads, including considering what next steps Card may have taken, and have begun preparations to search the water, particularly near the boat launch where Card’s vehicle was found.Investigators searched Card’s car yesterday and recovered a .308-caliber AR-15 rifle, according to a law enforcement official.A second law enforcement official told CNN that the weapon is similar in description and caliber to the gun used in the attack. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will be conducting tests to determine whether the gun can be matched to bullets and shell casings recovered at the two shooting scenes.Authorities executed at least three search warrants Thursday on Card's vehicle, home and another property, the source said, which informed Friday's search procedures.2 hr 12 min agoPolice clear Maine lettuce farm after receiving tip about an apparent gunshotFrom CNN's Shimon Prokupecz and Linh Tran Members of law enforcement search a farm in Lisbon Falls, Maine, on Friday.Kevin Lamarque/ReutersPolice surrounded a lettuce farm in Lisbon, Maine, Friday during the search for the man suspected of killing 18 people earlier this week.They were responding to a tip of an apparent gunshot heard in the vicinity of the farm, but the area has since been cleared.A witness who works on the farm — less than a mile from a boat launch where shooting suspect Robert Card’s vehicle was found — reported hearing what he thought sounded like a gunshot to police, he told CNN.The witness and three others took cover and hid in containers before contacting police, the witness explained before leaving the area.It’s unclear whether a gunshot was actually the source of the noise.The encounter is just one of hundreds police are vetting in the search for Card, who is facing an arrest warrant for eight counts of murder.Government helicopters were also observed flying overhead at the farm.2 hr 23 min agoDetails continue to emerge about the lives lost in the Maine shooting rampage. Here's what we know so far From CNN staff As a massive manhunt to locate the gunman in Wednesday night's shooting rampage is still underway, details about the lives lost in the tragedy continue to emerge.Of the 18 victims, seven were found dead at the bowling alley Just-In-Time Recreation and eight were found dead at Schemengees Bar & Grille, while three others died at the hospital, according to Maine State Police Col.William Ross.Here's what we know so far about the victims that have been publicly identified:Tricia Asselin, 53, worked part-time at Just-In-Time Recreation and was at the bowling alley Wednesday night when the shooting began, her brother DJ Johnson told CNN.Johnson said Tricia ran to the counter and was trying to call 911 when she was shot.His other sister, Bobbi Nichols, was also at the bowling alley and managed to escape; she didn't find out about Asselin's death until hours afterward."My sister is a hero," Nichols told CNN on Thursday.Peyton Brewer-Ross was playing in a cornhole tournament at Schemengees when he was killed, his brother Ralph Brewer told CNN. Brewer-Ross, 39, had loved playing cornhole and spending time with friends at the bar and grill; he also enjoyed comics and playing games.He has a 2-year-old daughter Elle, who just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago, his brother said.Tommy Conrad, 34, was a manager at the bowling alley and is survived by his 9-year-old daughter, his family confirmed to CNN affiliate WMTW.Michael Deslauriers II, was a “selfless” individual who "would never miss an opportunity to crack a joke at someone else’s expense, but he would happily give you the shirt off his back," his sister, Vicki Deslauriers Roy, said on Facebook.His sister said Deslauriers II died alongside his childhood best friend and his loss "leaves a gaping hole" within their family.Maxx Hathaway, a father of two with a third child on the way was a full-time stay at home dad, according to his sister, Kelsay Hathaway.He was a "goofy, down to earth person, loved to joke around and always had an uplifting attitude no matter what was going on," she wrote on a a verified GoFundMe campaign she set up.Bryan MacFarlane, 40, was participating in a cornhole tournament at Schemengees when he was killed, his sister Keri Brooks told CNN. MacFarlane was part of the local Deaf community, which usually gathers at the restaurant to play cornhole on Wednesdays.Brooks added that MacFarlane was one of the first Deaf people in the state of Vermont to get his commercial trucking driver's license.He loved riding his motorcycle and hanging out with his dog named M&M.Billy Brackett, is also being mourned by the deaf community in Maine, according to a post from the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf.The news of his death was confirmed by Brackett’s brother-in-law after the family couldn’t immediately locate him following the gunfire at Schemengees Bar and Grille.Joshua Seal, a beloved interpreter had been taking part in a cornhole tournament for deaf athletes at Schemengees Bar and Grille when he was killed Wednesday, according to his wife CNN affiliate, WGME reports.Seal worked at Pine Tree Society and was their director of interpreting services, the company wrote on Facebook. Seal was "a tireless advocate for the Deaf community" who was "committed to creating safe space for Deaf people and was widely known as the ASL interpreter for Dr.Shah’s pandemic briefings" during the Covid pandemic.His wife Elizabeth Seal said on Facebook that he was also an “amazing father” and a “wonderful husband.”Arthur “Artie” Strout was also at Schemengees, his father Arthur Bernard told CNN affiliate WBZ.Bernard said he had just left Schemengees minutes before receiving a call that there was an active shooter at the restaurant.Strout leaves behind five children.Joseph Walker was the manager of the bar at Schemengees, said his father Leroy Walker, a city councilor in the nearby city Auburn, speaking to CNN affiliate WGME. State police told Joseph's wife he had been killed after picking up a knife and trying to stop the gunman, Leroy said.Bill Young and Aaron Young, a father and son died at the bowling alley Wednesday night, according to Reuters.Aaron was 14 years old.3 hr 34 min agoThese maps show where police are searching for the suspect and evidence from the Maine shooting rampageFrom CNN staff Law enforcement agencies have descended on southern Maine to search for a man suspected of killing 18 people in two mass shootings Wednesday.Public safety officials released these maps Friday of key areas in their investigation: Maine Department of Public SafetyA boat launch in Lisbon: Investigators located a white Subaru SUV, believed to belong to suspect Robert Card, at the Pejepscot Boat Launch in Lisbon, about 8 miles southeast of Lewiston, where the shootings took place.That discovery has raised the possibility that Card escaped on the water, and the US Coast Guard has been searching the area by both air and water.On Friday, divers will search the waters of the Androscoggin River, while other law enforcement officials will comb the banks of the river, Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck said in a news briefing Friday.Maine Department of Public SafetyThe bowling alley: This was the first location — a bowling alley called Just-In-Time Recreation — where authorities received a 911 call about a shooter on Wednesday evening. Ultimately, law enforcement found seven people dead at the bowling alley.Sauschuck said Friday that the investigation is ongoing at Just-In-Time, acknowledging that it may feel like a slow process, but saying that law enforcement is being diligent and "respectful of the victims and the families that we are working with." Maine Department of Public SafetyA bar and grill: About 10 minutes after the 911 call about the bowling alley shooting, law enforcement was notified about an active shooter at this location, Schemengees Bar and Grille.Ultimately, police say eight people were killed at the restaurant, including one person who was found outside the establishment.Sauschuck said, like the bowling alley, investigators are still likely "days away" from completing their work at this crime scene."We are going to be processing every square inch of these facilities," the public safety commissioner said, mentioning, for example, that law enforcement will process every cartridge found on the ground and every vehicle in the parking lots.2 hr 3 min ago8 patients injured in Lewiston shooting remain at area hospitalsFrom CNN's Maria CampinotiEight patients injured in the Maine mass shootings remain in the treatment of Central Maine Healthcare and Massachusetts General Hospital, according to hospital officials.One patient was discharged Thursday from Central Maine Healthcare, according to Lisa Gardner, communications program manager for the healthcare group.Here is a breakdown of the seven who are still being treated there, according to Gardner:Three patients are in stable conditionsThree are in the intensive care unit One will be discharged today At Massachusetts General Hospital, Sr.Director of External Communications Michael Morrison said the hospital still has one patient from the incident who is in stable condition.This post has been updated with information from an additional hospital.3 hr 49 min agoLaw enforcement advises communities to be prepared for ongoing high-profile searches for suspectFrom CNN’s Andy RoseResidents in and around Lewiston, Maine, should expect to continue seeing high-profile search efforts as the suspect in the shooting rampage remains at large, the state’s top law enforcement official said Friday.“We're still involved in a very dynamic situation here,” said Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck.Thursday night, FBI agents with guns drawn could be seen advancing on a home in Bowdoin, saying over a loudspeaker to “come out with your hands up.” Officials later confirmed they do not necessarily believe suspect Robert Card was there at that point.“If you hear announcements and PA systems, as an example, a piece of that is us just giving notification that, yes, in fact, we are the police,” said Sauschuck.“We are knocking on this door.We would like you to come out if you're in there.”He added that officials are prepared to offer daily updates on their search until Card is found. Searches with divers in the Androscoggin River near Lisbon will begin Friday, but ground searches are still underway, he said.“They're going to be out in the woods.They're going to be out crawling around,” said Sauschuck.Meanwhile, families of 10 of the 18 people who were killed in the shootings still have not been notified.“We are working with families that have currently been notified.We are continuing to identify victims in this case,” he said.

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