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Source: https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2023/11/21/default-calendar/who-s-film-festival-at-the-13th-european-congress-on-global-health-%28ectmih2023%29

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Three lunchtime sessions have been prepared by WHO’s Health for All Film Festival (HAFF) with ECTMIH2023 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.Each session will be the occasion to screen three short films from past HAFF editions and to have panel discussions on specific themes.It is an additional contribution to HAFF’s goal of exploring health impact through film and using film for health education.The panel discussions will be streamed online to allow a wider audience to send questions and remarks on the films to the panelists.Please check the link to the conference site for more information.Tuesday 21 November: CLIMATE CHANGE AND HEALTHThe three below short films on this key and challenging environmental issue are part of the shortlist of more than 90 stories made for HAFF 2023.Their screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Dr Santino Severoni, WHO Director, Department of Migrants Health; Dr Francesca Racioppi, Head of Office, WHO's European Centre for Environment and Health; Jürg Uttzinger, Director of Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute; and Amrish Baidjoe from MSF.1.Mapping Survival by Nacho Corbella, Ripple Effect Images (Argentina – USA)In the arid landscapes of Chad, an unexpected leader has emerged, challenging climate change and advocating for the rights of Indigenous people. Her influence extends far beyond her nomadic community, as she becomes a powerful voice on the global stage, inspiring action to combat environmental challenges."Mapping Survival" sheds light on the incredible resilience of individuals facing the harshest environmental conditions and highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting their efforts.2.Gen Z Mental Health by Tehya Jennett (USA)As the climate crisis looms large, the mental health of Gen Z individuals becomes a central focus.This documentary brings together Gen Z climate ambassadors from diverse corners of the world who share their experiences.They confront the psychological toll of environmental degradation while fighting for their rights and taking action within their communities. The film delves into the unique duality of feeling vulnerable yet empowered, providing insights into their strategies for emotional resilience and the transformative power of storytelling in dealing with climate anxiety.3.The Speech of Txai Surui by Students of the Multimedia Project of Escola Parque (Brazil)At the COP-26 UN Conference on Climate Change, a historic moment was created by Txai Suruí, a Brazilian indigenous activist.She was the solitary indigenous representative in Latin America and the sole Brazilian to address the conference.Her impassioned speech resonated with over 100 world leaders, echoing globally."The Speech of Txai Surui" was later showcased at COP 27 in Egypt, continuing to amplify her impactful message.Wednesday 22 November: SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTSThe three stories in this session are winning films of past HAFF editions and two of them were used for health education programmes, as mentioned at the end of their summaries. The panel discussion on this health topic will be held by Dr Christina Pallitto, WHO’s lead scientist specialized in Female Genital Mutilation; Dr Doris Chou, WHO’s Medical Officer, Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research; and Koiwah Koi-Larbi from Action on preeclampsia Ghana.1.Efun by Anita Abada (Nigeria)"Efun" chronicles the story of a courageous young girl in Nigeria who defies the deeply ingrained tradition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).Despite societal expectations, she firmly asserts her right to make decisions about her own body against FGM.This fiction filmed in a documentary style is a powerful tool for raising awareness among community leaders and challenging age-old customs, with the hope of empowering others to make choices about their bodies and their lives.More information about the health education activities for this film.2. Pre-eclampsia: Predict Earlier, Prevent Earlier by Indonesian Prenatal Institute (Indonesia)This documentary follows Mrs.Dian's poignant journey through her second pregnancy, a stark contrast to the tragedy of her first.Her initial experience ended with the intrauterine demise of her baby at 28 weeks due to pre-eclampsia.In her second pregnancy, medical professionals used first-trimester screening and prevention strategies to safeguard her and her unborn child.The film encapsulates the emotions of both sorrow and joy, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of this family's journey toward a healthy birth. Previous panel discussion on this film showing its health education potential.3.War & Grace by Sonia Lowman (USA)In the war-torn region of South Sudan, "War & Grace" celebrates the resilience of midwives who bravely battle against one of the world's highest maternal mortality rates.The documentary sheds light on the extraordinary challenges they face in their mission to maintain a school for future midwives, even in the midst of conflict and adversity.Through their dedication, these midwives bring hope and support to mothers and infants, embodying unwavering grace amidst turmoil.Thursday 23 November: MENTAL HEALTHThe three stories in this session were screened at a DocUNight event in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.The panel discussion on this health topic will be held by Dr Ledia Lazeri, Mental Health Adviser, WHO European Office, and Afona Chernet from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.1. Schizophrenia in Me by Iván Camilo Villamil (Colombia)Sebastián and his family have managed to live well with his schizophrenia, a condition often marred by stigma and societal prejudices.This micro-documentary illuminates how, in the face of adversity, schizophrenia can become a part of regular life.It serves as a catalyst for family unity and self-discovery, challenging preconceived notions and offering an inspiring perspective on mental health.2.Mirrors by Paul Jerndal (Sweden)This short fiction shows Swedish actors Anis don Demina, Cecilia von Der Esch, and Danny Saucedo confronting their mirror images, along with their harshest self-critical thoughts.It is a poignant exploration of mental health, anxiety, and self-esteem. It underscores the importance of daring to share one's deepest feelings and thoughts as a means of fostering greater understanding and support for individuals dealing with these internal struggles.3.Arts and health stories: Charlotte by WHO EUROAfter her daughter Cara was born, Charlotte suffered from postnatal depression.In addition to working with a psychotherapist and counselor, Charlotte began going to Melodies for Mums, a singing group specifically designed for women experiencing postnatal depression.This is her story about discovering the joy of singing with her baby.

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