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Science and Spirituality: How they can complement each other - IndiaTimes

Author: IndiaTimes

Source: https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/science-and-spirituality-how-they-can-complement-each-other/articleshow/104782915.cms

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The intersection between science and spiritualityOne may presume that science and spirituality are at loggerheads, always have been and will continue to be so.However, this is really not true.Both science and spirituality have more in common than what is believed and one can complement the other.Both focus on life and our existence, on the universe, our place in it, matters related to birth and death, evolution and what the reality or truth is.Of course, there are differences between the two but if we examine what spirituality says and what science proclaims, we will realize that actually, there is synergy between the two.What is spirituality?According to AiR Atman in Ravi, spiritual leader and founder of AIR Institute of Realization, “Spirituality is the ‘science’ of the Atman, the spirit or the soul.Spirituality is not just a matter of blind faith in a deity. It is about undertaking a quest.Far from following the herd, we have to fly like a bird.We have to question and explore.We have to ‘Ask’, ‘Investigate’ and only then will we ‘Realize the Truth.’ While scientists may go on quests in the outside world, exploring and discovering new things, undertake voyages to find life and study it, spirituality is about going on a voyage within, it is about taking an inner journey to discover our true self.”While science may insist on proof and evidence, spirituality is about attaining knowledge and wisdom, contemplation, introspection and realization.It is about realizing who we are — not the body, mind and ego, but the soul. The soul is a spark of unique life.It is energy, it gives us life.And just like energy can neither be created nor destroyed, the soul can neither be created nor destroyed.It is immortal.It is birthless and deathless. After the body dies, the soul merges with the supreme soul or the supreme immortal power that we call God.The definition of God in terms of spiritualityGod, however, is not a person or a saint.God is a power; God is SIP, a Supreme Immortal Power and power is nothing but energy.God is everywhere and in everything.Every cell of human being is energy or Soul, a particle of God and hence, God itself. In fact, every single thing is a manifestation of the power we call God.This is strongly endorsed by science itself through its branches of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.In fact the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2022 was awarded to three scientists for their work in this field.The connection between science and spiritualityWhat spirituality calls the supreme immortal power, science calls energy.Science admits that it does not know even 1% of what this energy is.More than 99% of existence in the cosmos is energy that is undefined by science. Science calls it black matter and black energy.Those who have attained realization know that this energy is nothing but SIP, a part of the Supreme Immortal Power.But this has to be experienced and cannot be defined in words.Power to Withdraw from Negative Energies

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