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Israeli military pushes deeper into Gaza as IDF targets Hamas anti-tank, rocket positions - Fox News

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Source: https://www.foxnews.com/live-news/october-30-israel-hamas-war

Image of Israeli military pushes deeper into Gaza as IDF targets Hamas anti-tank, rocket positions - Fox News

The Israeli military is continuing to expand its ground invasion of northern Gaza on Monday, targeting Hamas rocket and anti-tank positions.Israel coontinues to urge Palestinians in the area to flee south.More than 9,400 people have been killed in the war on both sides since the Oct.7 Hamas terror attack.incoming update…The Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Securities Authority said troops killed Nasim Abu Ajina, the Hamas commander who they say directed the part of the Oct.7 massacre in the Kibbutz Erez and Moshav Netiv HaAsara."Yesterday, based on IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF fighter jets struck the Commander of the Beit Lahia Battalion of Hamas' Northern Brigade, Nasim Abu Ajina, who directed the massacre on October 7th in the Kibbutz Erez and Moshav Netiv HaAsara," the IDF and ISA said in a joint statement. "In the past, Abu Ajina commanded Hamas' Aerial Array, and took part in the development of the UAVs and paragliders of the terrorist organization.""His elimination significantly harms the efforts of the Hamas terrorist organization to disrupt the IDF's ground activities," the statement added.More than 9,400 people have been killed in Gaza and Israel since Hamas launched its largest attack against Israel in decades on Oct.7, leading to retaliatory action from Israeli forces.Thousands more have been wounded, and many others have been taken hostage by Hamas and raped, tortured and murdered.Posted by Landon Mion Democratic Rep.Andre Carson, who was one of 10 Democrats to vote against a resolution to condemn Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, has a long history of anti-Israel activism that has sparked controversy.Carson's stance on Israel was front and center over the weekend when he called fellow Democratic Rep.Josh Gottheimer, N.J., a "coward," "punk" and "gangster" for his criticism against lawmakers who voted against a resolution to condemn Hamas and support Israel. Gottheimer, who is Jewish, used the word "despicable" to describe Democrats who opposed the resolution.Fox News Digital reviewed Carson's previous positions on Israel and found several examples of the congressman advocating anti-Israel positions.In 2015, Carson met with Louis Farrakhan and told media outlets in 2018 he would not rule out meeting with him again in the future.Farrakhan hascalled Jewish people "termites", praised Hitler, and been criticized for a litany of derogatory statements about Israel.Carson has opposed recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as recently as 2017 and in 2019 Carson defended Rep.Ihan Omar when she was accused by House Republicans of antisemitism.Posted by Landon Mion White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday refused to call anti-Israel protestors on college campuses across America "extremists," despite antisemitic rhetoric, violence, and rising fear among Jewish students.The exchange took place during the White House press briefing when Fox News' Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre over whether President Biden saw those protestors as "extremists.""What I can say is — what we've been very clear about this when it comes to antisemitism, there is no place.We have to make sure that we speak against it very loud and be very clear about that," Jean-Pierre said, adding that Biden decided to run for president in 2017 as a result of the violent Charlottesville, Virginia protest clash that year."He saw neo-Nazis marching down the streets of Charlottesville with vile, anti-Semitic, just hatred.And he was very clear then, and he's very clear now.He's taken actions against this over the past two years. And he's continued to be clear: There is no place, no place for this type of vile — and this kind of rhetoric," she said.Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre, saying, "We hear you guys though talk about extremists all the time.It is usually about MAGA extremists.So what about these protesters who are making Jewish students feel unsafe on college campuses?""I have been very, very clear.We are calling out any form of hate, any form of hate.It is not acceptable.It should not be acceptable here. And we are going to continue to call that out," she said, again refusing to say whether the protestors were "extremists."Fox News' Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report.Posted by Landon Mion During a White House meeting, President Biden reportedly blasted The New York Times’ controversial coverage of an explosion near a Gaza Strip hospital.A report from Semafor alleged that Biden met with Wall Street executives in the White House’s Roosevelt Room last week and discussed the paper along with its claim that Israel was behind the explosion.He was particularly disturbed such a headline appeared "in an American newspaper.""Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say," the original New York Times headline read on Oct.17.According to Semafor, "[Biden] thought the headline was irresponsible and could have triggered military escalation in the Middle East." Within the same day of the headline’s publication and others like it blaming Israel for the blast, prominent Arab leaders canceled their meeting with Biden.The Times received intense backlash for its headline on Oct.17 as well as its coverage on the explosion.The story claimed, through information released by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, that Israeli airstrikes caused an explosion at a Gaza hospital that killed hundreds. Israel denied the claims and presented evidence that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was behind the blast.U.S.intelligence confirmed that Israel was not behind the explosion.The Times soon released a lengthy editor’s note apologizing for its reliance on unverified claims by Hamas.Fox News' Lindsay Kornick contributed to this report.Posted by Landon Mion Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan invoked the Holocaust during a bitter condemnation of the UN Security Council's response to the October 7 terrorist attacks on Monday.Erdan delivered the critical remarks at an emergency meeting requested by the United Arab Emirates.He accused the council of being silent about Hamas' attacks against Israelis, likening it to the international ignorance of the Holocaust during World War II."Today, after innocent Jewish babies were burned alive, this Council is still silent.Some of you have learned nothing in the past 80 years," Erdan argued. "Some of you have forgotten why this body was established.""Instead of shouting ‘Sieg Heil,’ these radical Nazi Islamists scream, ‘Death to Israel!Death to America!Death to England!’" he added."We were attacked by the Hamas Nazis.We were shown that genocidal Jew-hatred did not die with Hitler, it bubbled and grew, until it invaded our homeland."The ambassador also announced that he will wear a yellow star until the council explicitly condemns Hamas."Just like my grandparents, and the grandparents of millions of Jews, from now on, my team and I will wear yellow stars. We will wear this star until you wake up and condemn the atrocities of Hamas," Erdan said."We will walk with a yellow star as a symbol of pride.A reminder that we swore to fight back to defend ourselves."Fox News Digital's Greg Wehner contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Israeli citizens in the North Caucasus are urged by their country's government to leave the region after the Makhachkala airport riot took place on Sunday.The Israeli government raised its travel warning to the area to the highest level, 4, on Monday.They ask citizens to avoid Dagestan, where the riot took place, and neighboring regions.Israelis currently in the regions are urged to leave.The airport in Makhachkala, located in southwestern Russia, was stormed by hundreds of men on Sunday night. Many were carrying Palestinian flags, while others were yelling antisemitic slogans.Russian news sources reported that the men were looking for a flight that was due to land from Tel Aviv.Police arrested over 60 men, and at least 20 people were injured.The Associated Press contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Law enforcement officials arrested a Las Vegas man who allegedly threatened a Jewish U.S.senator, as antisemitism in the U.S.is on the rise amid the Israel-Hamas war.In a criminal complaint, the Department of Justice accused John Anthony Miller, 43, of leaving several threatening voicemails on the office phone of Sen.Jacky Rosen, D-Nev.Rosen, who is Jewish, received the voicemails between October 11 and 19.In one of the voicemails, Miller allegedly asked Rosen if she had any family members who were Israeli settlers."She lets her own family members kill these Pe-Palestinians in the West Bank. The Christians in the West Bank," Miller reportedly said in the voicemail."Senator, I’m sorry to say, but yah know what, you’re a piece of [expletive] and you’re gonna burn in [expletive]ing [expletive] for your [expletive]ing crimes."Read more by clicking hereFox News Digital's Greg Wehner, David Spunt and Jake Gibson contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano The White House condemned the anti-Semitic riot in Makhachkala, Russia, in which a group of rioters flooded the city airport's runway on Sunday looking for an Israeli flight.The riot forced officials to close the airport and divert flights that were headed to Makhachkala, which is in the Republic of Dagestan.Young men in the riot were heard yelling "Allahu Akbar" and making disparaging remarks about Jews.National Security Council spokesman John Kirby compared the chaos to the anti-Jewish pogroms of the 19th and 20th centuries.He made the statement on Monday, after press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referenced anti-Semitism on U.S.college campuses in a briefing."I just want to add just one little thought here on top of Karine's excellent comments on anti-Semitism," the official began. "I think you all saw what happened in Dagestan, Russia yesterday in what can only be described as a chilling demonstration of hate, bigotry, intimidation.""Some people have compared it to the pogroms of the late 19th and early 20th century, and I think that's probably an apt description given that video that we've seen out there," Kirby added.Fox News Digital's Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano U.S.forces in the Middle East have been attacked for the 24th time since October 17, amid the war between the Israeli military and Hamas terrorists.The attack, which was announced on Monday afternoon, took place close to the Asad Air Base in Iraq.American defense officials say that five rockets landed roughly a mile away from the base.No injuries to American soldiers or the base were reported.Coalition forces also were not injured.A U.S.official emphasized that the rockets were not significant threats to the American military.Iran-backed militias have been claiming the recent attacks against American forces. Last week, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq took responsibility for an attack at the al-Tanf garrison in Syria.The U.S.military responded by launching airstrikes on facilities belonging to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other militants in Syria in Thursday.Fox News Digital's Liz Friden, Elizabeth Pritchett and Lawrence Richard contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Shani Louk, the German-Israeli woman whose semi-naked body was seen paraded through the streets of Gaza, was beheaded, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials believe.Louk was believed to be one of the living hostages that Hamas terrorists captured during the Re'im musical festival massacre on October 7."We are devastated to share that the body of 23-year-old German-Israeli Shani Luk [sic] was found and identified," the Israeli government wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday morning."Shani, who was kidnapped from a music festival and tortured and paraded around Gaza by Hamas terrorists, experienced unfathomable horrors.Our hearts are broken.May her memory be a blessing."Israeli officials concluded that she was beheaded after they identified a skull with a DNA match."I am truly sorry to report that we have now received news that Shani Nicole Louk has been confirmed murdered and dead," Israeli President Yitchak Herzog explained to German newspaper BILD. "Her skull has been found."Fox News Digital's Greg Wehner contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Warning: This story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers.Israeli officials are still struggling to identify the remains of those killed by Hamas terrorists, as the country's war against the militant group continues into its fourth week.Authorities say that the reason is not just because of the massive scope of the attacks that began on October 7, but the sheer brutality of how terrorists murdered civilians."During a war, each side tries to make a convincing argument that they are right but these kinds of atrocities we have not seen since the days of the Nazis," Col.Rabbi Haim Weisberg, head of the Shura Army Base's rabbinic division, said in an interview."They went from house to house burning family after family," he explained."We are seeing trucks still arriving filled with body bags that contain whole families – grandparents, mothers, fathers, and even little children are being brought down from the trucks." "Here we have identified hundreds of bodies and there are still many more waiting to be examined," the rabbi said.Fox News Digital's Ruth Marks Eglash contributed to this report.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Fox News foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot joined "America Reports" on Monday to provide an update on accelerating military activity from Hezbollah at the Israeli border.Palkot explained that there is a "definite" increase in activity from the Iranian-backed terrorist group."Hezbollah and related militant groups [have] been firing missiles, rockets, mortars at a greater pace, a stronger punch, deeper into Israeli territory, even claiming to have knocked down an Israeli drone," he explained."And Israel has been firing back harder as well. We've been watching artillery, tanks and those drones used against Hezbollah."The correspondent showed footage from a hot spot he visited earlier on Monday, an Israeli military base on the country's border with Lebanon."We're told Hezbollah hits that place just about every day," Palkot explained."The Israeli Defense Force sent out a clear message today: any Hezbollah or allied militant gets near the security border fence will be eliminated," he added.Posted by Andrea Vacchiano Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu flatly rejected calls for a cease-fire in comments to the press on Monday.Netanyahu compared the October 7 massacre by Hamas to the Pearl Harbor and 9-11 attacks on the U.S., saying Israel is equally justified in retaliating against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.He went on to say that Israel will continue its war against Hamas "until victory.""Calls for a cease-fire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism.That will not happen," Netanyahu said."Ladies and gentlement, the Bible says that there is a time for peace and a time for war.This is a time for war.A war for our common future," he continued. "Today we draw a line between the forces of civilization and the forces of barbarism.It is a time for everyone to decide where they stand.Israel will stand against the forces of barbarism until victory.I hope and pray that civilized nations everywhere will back this fight."Israeli forces entered the second stage of their conflict with Hamas this week, greatly expanding ground operations within the Gaza strip.Military officials have warned that the war will be long and difficult.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The World Bank is warning Monday that the prices of oil and other commodities could see "large increases" if the Israel-Hamas war spreads through the Middle East.The Washington-based institution said in its October 2023 Commodity Markets Outlook report that despite commodity markets responding "calmly" to the war, "historical precedent" suggests that escalating conflict in the region could substantially disrupt commodity supply."Although neither Israel nor Gaza is a major energy producer, an escalation of the conflict and its spread to the wider region could lead to large increases in the prices of oil and other commodities," the report says. "Historical precedent also indicates this could have destabilizing implications for the global economy.Moreover, spillovers to food prices could exacerbate food insecurity in conflict-afflicted areas in the region and around the world."If that happens, depending on the level of impact to the global oil supply, the World Bank says prices per barrel could rise from the 2023 Q4 baseline forecast of $90 a barrel to around $102 in a "small disruption scenario" to as much as $157 a barrel in a "large disruption scenario." Fox News' Greg Norman contributed to this reportPosted by Anders Hagstrom The Israeli military succeeded in liberating a female soldier on Monday who had been taken captive by Hamas during its October 7 attack on Israel.Private Ori Megidish was freed from captivity overnight during the ongoing ground operation.She was originally taken from the Nahal Oz base on October 7.“The soldier was medically examined, her condition is good and she met with her family," the Israeli Defense Forces said in a statement.Megidish was one of nearly 240 people taken hostage in the Oct.7 attack.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Ethnic studies professors demanded the University of California stop referring to Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians as "terrorism," arguing in a letter to administrators that such language endangers students."We call on the UC administrative leadership to retract its charges of terrorism, to uplift the Palestinian freedom struggle, and to stand against Israel’s war crimes against and ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people," a statement from the University of California Ethnic Studies Faculty Council reads in part.Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel on Oct.7, firing thousands of rockets and slaying civilians in the streets. At least 1,400 Israeli citizens and 33 Americans were killed.Israel's retaliatory strikes have killed more than 7,000 Palestinians, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry.At least 10 Americans may be among the 239 people held hostage by Hamas.UC leaders condemned the "horrific attack" in a statement on Oct.9, calling it an "act of terrorism" and highlighting the "loss of many innocent lives and the abduction of innocent hostages, including children and the elderly."But the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council said administrators' use of the terms "terrorism" and "unprovoked" have stoked anti-Muslim sentiments and "made Palestinian students and community members unsafe." The group cited the recent stabbing death of a 6-year-old Palestinian-American boy in Illinois.Fox News' Hannah Ray Lambert contributed to this report.Posted by Anders Hagstrom An Israeli police officer is in serious, but stable condition after a 17-year-old Palestinian stabbed him without warning in Jerusalem on Monday.The terrorist attempted to take the officer's weapon before fleeing the scene.Another office soon shot and killed the Palestinian.Israeli authorities have warned citizens to be vigilant against terror attacks as the Israeli Defense Forces prosecute their war against Hamas in Gaza.Local media says footage of police chasing the young Palestinian circulated on social media on Monday.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Israeli Defense Forces say they struck at a terrorist cell in Lebanon that had been firing mortars into Israel on Monday.IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari announced the attack Monday on social media, saying the terror cell fired three anti-tank missiles.The missiles caused no casualties, however, and the IDF responded with artillery fire of their own."IDF forces attacked a terrorist cell in Lebanese territory a short time ago, which tried to launch mortar bombs towards Israel in the area of ​​Rosh Hankara," Hagari wrote."Also, following the initial report of a warning in Moshav Elkosh, two missiles were identified that crossed into Israeli territory and fell in open areas," he added."In addition, terrorists fired three anti-tank missiles from Lebanese territory into the Birnit area, there were no casualties. IDF forces respond with artillery fire at the sources of the fire in Lebanese territory," Hagari added in a follow-up post.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Israeli officials invited roughly 20 journalists in New York City to view a compilation documenting the horrific crimes Hamas commited in its October 7 massacre in Israel on Monday.Fox News' Martha McCallum viewed the video and discussed it on Fox News.Visibly shaken, she described the horrific images and said she will "never forget" what they showed.Israeli officials shared the video with roughly 100 journalists last week.President Biden and other world leaders have also seen what the footage contains, and Israel plans to take it to the United Nations in the coming days.Posted by Anders Hagstrom President Biden's administration is moving to combat the "alarming rise" of anti-semitism at U.S.college campuses this week.The move comes after weeks of anti-Israeli and pro-Hamas protests at campuses across the U.S., leading to demands for action from Republicans.The Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security has begun hosting calls with campus and local law enforcement across the country.Later this week, the White House says Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Domestic Policy Advisor Neera Tanden will attend a site visit at a University and hold a roundtable with Jewish students.The administration did not clarify which school, however.Jewishs students across the country have faced a spike in threats since Hamas carried out its massacre in Israel on October 7.Jewish students at New York City College were locked inside a school library last week during a pro-Palestinian protest. That same night, pro-Palestinian protesters projected the messages "Glory to our Martyrs" and "Your Tuition is Funding Genocide in Gaza" on George Washington University’s library in Washington, D.C.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will meet with Saudi Arabian Defense Minister Khalid Salmon in Washington on Wednesday, Fox News has learned.Salmon's trip had been scheduled earlier this year prior to Hamas' October 7 massacre in Israel.The top officials are now expected to discuss how to prevent the war in Israel from becoming a regional conflict involving Iran, the Saudis, the U.S.and others.The meeting will come just days after the USS Dwight D.Eisenhower joined the USS Gerald R.Ford in the Eastern Mediterranean, where they serve as an explicit warnign to Iran not to intervene in Israel's war.Fox News' Liz Friden, Gillian Turner and Lawrence Edward contributed to this report.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Retired U.S. Marine Corps Maj.Gen.Arnold Punaro predicted that Israel's military will be "very methodical" in their approach to the war against Hamas in Gaza on Monday.The Israeli Defense Forces began their expanded ground campaign against Hamas this weekend.Israeli leaders have predicted the war against the terrorist gorupd will be long and dificut.Israel will face Hamas terrorists in a weblike structure of tunnels stretching for some 500 miles beneath the Gaza Strip.Hamas has also had ample time to lay traps an ambushes for israeli soldiers.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The Israeli military has reportedly deployed so-called "bunker buster" bombs in an effort to destroy Hamas terrorists' network of tunnels in Gaza.Israel conducted some 600 airstrikes in Gaza overnight Monday, targeting Hamas rocket and anti-tank missile positions. Israel has long warned of Hamas' 500-mile network of tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip, where they house munitions and key headquarters.Fox News guest and former Lt.Col.in the Marine Corps.Chris Banweg likened Hamas' tunnesl to "another city underground." He went on to warn that there is "no limit" to the traps and ambushes that Hamas terrorists have likely prepared in their tunnel systems.Most bunker buster bombs are capable of penetrating up to 100 feet of earth and 20 ft of reinforced concrete.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The U.S.Navy's Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group crossed the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea on October 28 on its way to reinforce warnings against Middle East powers intervening in Israel's war against Hamas.The USS Dwight D.Eisenhower and its entourage of vessels will join the USS Gerald R.Ford in the Eastern Mediterranean "in support of the defense of Israel and to deter aggression throughout the region," the Navy said in a statement.“Our arrival in the Mediterranean, en route to CENTCOM, provides reassurance to our allies and partners that we are committed to ensuring their security and well-being,” Rear Adm.Marc Miguez said in a statement.“Our presence, along with that of the Gerald R. Ford Carrier strike group, demonstrates the combat power and proficiency of the Navy’s deployed forces.”The strike group is comprised of the flagship aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.Eisenhower (CVN69), the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), the guided-missile destroyers USS Mason (DDG 87) and USS Gravely (DDG 107) of Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 22, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 3 with its nine squadrons, and the Information Warfare Commander.Squadrons of CVW-3 include the “Gunslingers” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 105, the “Fighting Swordsmen” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 32, the “Rampagers” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 83, the “Wildcats” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 131, the “Screwtops” of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 123, the “Zappers” of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 130, the “Dusty Dogs” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 7, the “Swamp Foxes” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 74 and the “Rawhides” of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The Israeli military eliminated four more senior Hamas commanders in undisclosed attacks on Sunday, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari announced Monday.Hagari provided the update on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, saying the four commanders included Jamil Baba, the commander of the naval force in the central camps; Muhammad Safadi, the commander of the anti-tank formation in the Tafah battalion; Muwaman Hegazi, A prominent operative of the anti-tank system in the Tafah battalion, and Muhammad Awadallah, who was a senior in the office of the Hamas production headquarters."The IDF forces, guided by accurate intelligence information from the Amman and the Shin Bet, eliminated operatives of the terrorist organization Hamas," Hagari wrote, using Hebrew.The elimination announcement accompanied footage of Israeli tanks and troops expanding their operations in Gaza."IDF forces have been continuing their ground operations in the Gaza Strip for the past few hours," Hagari wrote."In encounters with terrorists, IDF fighters, assisted by combat helicopters and remote manned aircraft directed by the forces, eliminated squads that tried to attack the forces.The fighters also destroyed terrorist infrastructure, including anti-tank positions and additional launch positions."Posted by Anders Hagstrom A high-level Israeli official has visited Doha to negotiate the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza alongside Qatari negotiators, Fox News Digital has learned.An official briefed on the visit says talks had stalled on Friday, leading to an escalation in tensions.Israel is currently expanding its ground operations within northern Gaza.“A high-level Israeli official, in coordination with the US, visited Doha to meet Qatari negotiators on Saturday to discuss the hostage situation and further the talks about the release of hostages," the official said.“Talks had stalled on Friday due to disagreements on the technical aspects of a potential deal, leading to the escalation on Friday night, but talks continued on Saturday and have been ongoing following the productive visit of the Israeli official," the official added.Hamas is believed to be holding some 239 hostages in Gaza.Fox News' Trey Yingst contributed to this report.Posted by Anders Hagstrom "Squad" member Rep. Cory Bush, D-Mo., accused Israel of committing "ethnic cleansing" in its ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza on Sunday.The divisive lawmaker claimed that "millions of people with nowhere to go" are "being slaughtered" in Gaza as Israel conducts its retaliatory campaign."We can’t be silent about Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign," she wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter."Babies, dead.Pregnant women, dead.Elderly, dead.Generations of families, dead.""Millions of people in Gaza with nowhere to go being slaughtered," she added. "The U.S.must stop funding these atrocities against Palestinians."Her statement comes as the Israeli military is expanding its ground operations within Gaza, targeting rocket and ant-tank missile positions.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Israel says it has officially identified the body of Shani Luk, a German-Israeli citizen who was kidnapped by Hamas and paraded unconcious on the back of a truck in infamous footage from the October 7 massacre.Luk was among the attendees of a music festical near the Gaza border that Hamas assaulted on October 7.While footage showed her with mangled legs and apparently unconcious in the back of a pickup truck, her condition had not yet been confirmed."We are devastated to share that the body of 23 year old German-Israeli Shani Luk was found and identified," the Israeli government wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter."Shani who was kidnapped from a music festival and tortured and paraded around Gaza by Hamas terrorists, experienced unfathomable horrors," it added."Our hearts are broken.May her memory be a blessing."Louk was paraded through the streets of Gaza by Hamas terrorists after being taken from the music festival. People surrounding the vehicle shouted "Allahu Akbar" – which translates to God Is great – over her injured body and passersby spit on her as she lay motionless.Posted by Anders Hagstrom Since the Oct.7 attacks committed by Hamas against Israel, protests have broken out across the world seemingly supporting the terror group and condemning the Jewish State, which is still reeling from the murder of over 1,400 Israelis.But perhaps the most extreme displays from the Hamas-sympathizing supporters are coming from American college campuses.Here are some examples of the jarring actions and rhetoric coming from both students and professors alike.More than 30 student groups at Harvard co-signed a letter declaring they "hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence."New York University students were caught tearing down posters of Israeli hostages Oct.16 outside the university's Tisch Hall.University of California-Davis assistant professor Jemma Decristo had an ominous message appearing to threaten what she called "Zionist journalists" and their families.A bizarre incident was reported out of Stanford University where an instructor allegedly asked Jewish and Israeli students to identify themselves.Three students told Rabbi Dov Greenberg, director of the Chabad Stanford Jewish Center, that the instructor told them to gather their belongings and stand in the corner because "this is what Israel does to the Palestinians."Fox News' Joseph A.Wulfsohn contributed to this report.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The White House said Sunday it "vigorously condemns" the group of pro-Palestinian rioters in Russia who flooded an airport as they were shouting antisemitic chants and reportedly searching for passengers from a flight that departed from Tel Aviv, Israel.The airport, located in the city of Makhachkala in the Republic of Dagestan, closed after rioters began flooding the runway Sunday night, Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsia reported. All other flights headed toward Makhachkala were diverted.In the first public comment made by the Biden administration since the incident, White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said the U.S.condemns the "antisemitic protests" at the airport in Russia."The United States vigorously condemns the antisemitic protests in Dagestan, Russia," Watson wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter."The U.S.unequivocally stands with the entire Jewish community as we witness a worldwide surge in antisemitism.There is never any excuse or justification for antisemitism."Many users on X blasted Watson's post for referring to the riot as a "protest," with some people replying that the correct term would be "pogrom," which means attacks on particular ethnic groups, particularly Jewish people.Posted by Anders Hagstrom The Israeli Defense Forces said Monday morning that its ground attack in Gaza expanded overnight."An IAF aircraft—guided by ground forces—struck a Hamas post and the 20+ terrorist operatives in it," the IDF wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter."Soldiers spotted armed terrorists and an anti-tank missile launching post near the Al-Azhar University and guided an IAF fighter jet to strike them," the post continued.The IDF added that its forces "eliminated multiple terrorists barricaded within civilian buildings and terrorist tunnels who attempted to attack the forces."Posted by Anders Hagstrom Live Coverage begins here

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