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The Nomatic Sling Bag Is Editor-approved - Travel + Leisure

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Source: https://www.travelandleisure.com/nomatic-access-sling-bag-review-8379443

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When my husband and I go on trips, we agree on most things.We don’t argue over who gets to DJ in the car or what restaurants we’re stopping at for lunch.We’re on the same page about when to arrive at the airport and which sights to prioritize when we land.But one thing that really gets us when we travel?Deciding who gets to use my Nomatic Access Sling Bag for the day. Let me make my case to you, reader: I found it first.I’d needed a new reliable belt bag for long travel days when I need to be hands-free — and believe me, as a travel editor I’ve tested out my fair share of belt bags — but when I stumbled upon this one, I knew it was the functional bag I’d been looking for.Nomatic Access Sling BagNomaticWith its durable, water-resistant nylon fabric and adjustable strap, the Nomatic Access Sling Bag reminds me of a sturdier, sportier version of my beloved Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag that several Travel + Leisure editors swear by.The 7.75-inch by 5.75-inch by 1-inch bag has all the organization I can’t live without, including two roomy internal mesh pockets, plus a main compartment that can hold a surprising amount, including my keys, phone, wallet, passport, chapstick, hand sanitizer, charger, AirPods, and snacks.Kayla BeckerThe best part is that when I unzip it, things don’t just fall out as they tend to with my other belt bags thanks to a well-stitched, reinforced bottom and sides and a wide zipper opening.It also has a zippered (RFID-blocking!) pocket on the back that keeps my belongings safe, close to my body, and secure.Naturally, it's become my go-to, even in everyday life when I run errands. I’d scarcely had the Nomatic Access Sling Bag for a month when my husband first stole it from me.“Just for a casual Costco run,” he said.“I’ll give it right back,” he said.And it was all downhill from there.So now, yes, it’s both our favorite sling bag. In fact, he just carried it all over Iceland and has now completely sworn off carrying his keys and wallet in his pockets.Kayla BeckerDon’t get me wrong, it’s great to have found a versatile unisex bag that we both like equally given our different tastes, one that really gets our money’s worth.As a bonus, I finally found that magical bag that somehow bridges the gap between style and functionality (though, as an avid traveler who likes outdoor adventure, please give me function any day of the week).When I get to wear it, I sport the Nomatic bag to the airport, where I like to zip around with free hands and still have quick access to my passport, phone, and wallet.Or, I wear it when we go on day hikes and I don’t feel like lugging around a heavy backpack.(I wear it across my shoulder, but it can also be worn like a fanny pack across the waist; the 48-inch strap can be shortened to 26 inches). But I have to admit that I find it stuffed with my husband’s receipts and credit cards more and more these days — in fact, it’s somewhere with him in South Africa as I write this.In the end, it’s a battle I’m losing, but I’m not mad — Nomatic just dropped four new colors of the Access Sling Bag, including an olive shade I’m especially eyeing.So I might even buy him his own for the holidays…or another one for myself.There’s free shipping over $50 at Nomatic, but it’s also available at Amazon, too.Nomatic Access Sling BagNomaticDon’t just take it from me, though.From the looks of it, the bag is gaining popularity at Nomatic, where it’s already earned an impressive 4.8-star rating.One shopper said it’s “great for everyday travel” while another said it has “durable, high-quality zippers [and is] perfect size for large iPhone 14.” They’ve got a great point. The zippers don’t feel flimsy like some belt bags I’ve tried.But the most illuminating review I read is from another traveler, who said, “I have to admit the sling is light to carry; you don’t feel its presence when attached around your waist.The material is quality...It’s made very solid.” They finished off by concluding it’s “worth the money,” and I couldn’t agree more, especially considering how many times my husband and I have both used ours.If you want my opinion, you should grab one of the Nomatic Access Sling Bags for yourself so you can free up your hands for travel — trust me, this one’s a game-changer that’s built to last.Just make sure to hide it from your travel partner.Nomatic Access Sling BagNomaticMore Traveler-loved Belt Bags:Lululemon Everywhere Belt BagLululemonOsprey Daylite Waist PackAmazonFjallraven High Coast Hip PackAmazonOdodos Unisex Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable StrapAmazonLove a great deal?Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week.

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