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Understand the most important factors when choosing a retirement community - The Cincinnati Enquirer

Author: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Source: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sponsor-story/maple-knoll/2023/10/30/understand-the-most-important-factors-when-choosing-a-retirement-community/71318202007/

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With so many senior living options available, finding the perfect retirement community to call home can feel like an overwhelming task.Evaluating the location, services and amenities, and community atmosphere can help make searching for a retirement community much easier.Location – When searching for a new place to call home, location matters because it can significantly impact your quality of life, daily routine and overall satisfaction.You can begin narrowing down retirement communities by looking at what their location and surrounding area offer in relation to your preferences.Some questions you can ask yourself include:What is the surrounding area of the retirement community like?Are there essential services such as grocery stores and healthcare offices nearby? A convenient location can help make daily tasks more manageable and may even save you time and money.If you enjoy being active, are there easily accessible walking trails, parks, theaters, or cultural activities nearby?Living in an area full of the things you enjoy can help enhance your lifestyle.Maple Knoll Village is in the heart of the Greater Cincinnati area in Springdale, Ohio.This location comes with all the perks of being close to downtown Cincinnati with the peaceful neighborhood feel of a small town.Located just minutes from multiple healthcare clinics, Hamilton County Great Parks, grocery stores and shopping centers, Maple Knoll Village is truly in the center of everything.Services and amenities – The services and amenities at a retirement community are designed to improve the residents' overall quality of life and well-being.The extent of these offerings will vary depending on the community, and it can be hard to know what services or amenities to look for. To determine which are most important to you, ask yourself these questions:Do you struggle to maintain your current home and keep up with cleaning, repairs, or lawn maintenance?Finding a community that will provide you with housekeeping, maintenance services, and lawn care can help alleviate stress and provide you with more time to do the things you enjoy.Is living a healthy and active lifestyle important to you?If so, look for a retirement community that offers guided fitness classes or one-on-one training.Some communities, such as Maple Knoll Village, may have an on-site fitness center and indoor pool with certified trainers to help you improve your overall strength and mobility.Will you cook your own meals?If preparing your own meals is something you enjoy, look for a community with a kitchen in your living accommodation that will allow you to do so.Many communities will also offer on-site dining options for those who do not enjoy cooking or are unable to. Evaluate the dining services offered in the community to determine if they will meet your needs.If you decide to tour a particular community, ask if you can eat a meal there to try the food out yourself.Community atmosphere – Retirement communities are great at providing a social environment to help combat loneliness and keep you engaged.To determine if the community atmosphere is right for you, ask yourself these questions:What are your hobbies or interests?Are there things you enjoy doing in your free time or a new hobby you have always wanted to try?Communities often provide recreational offerings such as pickleball, card rooms or art studios. Maple Knoll Village also offers a fully equipped woodshop, weaving room, technology lab, and more designed to keep you mentally stimulated.Do you enjoy exploring your community?Within most retirement communities, you will find a life enrichment department dedicated to planning social or cultural events and travel excursions.This might include weekly happy hours, guest speakers, skill workshops, and overnight trips.When evaluating the community, ask if you can speak with the life enrichment staff to learn more about their programs and see if they pique your interest.The best way to get a feel for the atmosphere of a retirement community is to look at their social media profiles and website.Maple Knoll Village showcases community life on Facebook and Instagram by highlighting actual residents, activities and more.Anticipate future needs – Unfortunately, health concerns are a natural part of the aging process and are an essential factor when considering calling a retirement community home. Review your medical history and be honest with yourself about what health concerns you anticipate needing more assistance with down the road.Can the retirement community you are looking for provide you with the help you may need?If not, you may need to consider a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).As a CCRC, Maple Knoll Village provides a full continuum of care on one campus.This includes independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing, which allows residents to transition to more healthcare-focused accommodations as their needs change.These communities can provide peace of mind for residents, knowing they can remain at the same campus they call home as their healthcare needs change. Before choosing a retirement community to call home, thoroughly research and evaluate the community to ensure it aligns with your current and future needs, preferences and lifestyle.Visit potential communities in person and speak with residents to ensure that your chosen community aligns with your goals for retirement.To learn more about Maple Knoll Village continuing care retirement community, please visit us online at www.mapleknoll.org or call us at 513-782-2717.Members of the editorial and news staff of USA TODAY Network were not involved in the creation of this content.FacebookTwitterEmail

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