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Ivanka Trump must testify in Donald Trump's civil trial: Judge Engoron - USA TODAY


Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2023/10/28/ivanka-trump-must-testify-judge-engoron/71358977007/

Image of Ivanka Trump must testify in Donald Trump's civil trial: Judge Engoron - USA TODAY

WASHINGTON - Unless she wins an appeal, it appears that Ivanka Trump will have to testify in an ongoing civil fraud trial along with her brothers and their father, former President Donald Trump.A state judge said Friday that Ivanka Trump has to respond to a subpoena even though she was dismissed from the case earlier this year.“Ms.Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York,” said New York state court Judge Arthur Engoron, noting that Ivanka still has ties to Trump businesses that are subject to the case.The ruling sets up a week of Trump family testimony.Donald Trump, Jr., is scheduled to testify on Wednesday, while brother Eric is scheduled for Thursday.Ivanka Trump's testimony is currently set for Friday.Nov.3, though her lawyers may appeal to try to block her appearance.Donald Trump himself is scheduled to testify on Nov. 6.When will Ivanka Trump testify?Ivanka Trump's testimony is currently set for Nov.3, but her attorneys may appeal the judge's ruling.An appeals court dismissed Ivanka Trump as a defendant back in June, saying the claims against her were beyond the statute of limitations.Most of the trial is devoted to determining damages for Trump and members of his family sued by New York State Attorney General Letitia James.The judge has already found Trump liable for inflating the value of their assets in order to secure favorable bank loans.During a hearing, Trump attorney Christopher Kise criticized the Ivanka subpoena, saying the attorney general just wants "another free-for-all on another of President Trump’s children.”In court documents, the attorney general's office argued that Ivanka remains a key part of Trump's business empire.Trump, who is seeking the presidency again in 2024, has denied wrongdoing and denounced the trial as politically motivated.The Associated Press contributed to this report.FacebookTwitterEmail

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