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Michigan Tech, Michigan State University meet for health technology symposium - WLUC

Author: WLUC

Source: https://www.uppermichiganssource.com/2023/10/27/michigan-tech-michigan-state-university-meet-health-technology-symposium/

Image of Michigan Tech, Michigan State University meet for health technology symposium - WLUC

HOUGHTON, Mich.(WLUC) - The future of health in Michigan was the subject of discussion and presentation at Michigan Tech University (MTU) on Friday.Researchers and faculty from both MTU and Michigan State University (MSU) gathered for a symposium on campus about engineering health technologies.Six sessions were dedicated to presenting data and research on a variety of subjects.“The symposium is focused on big data, artificial intelligence and how we could use that to increase health outcomes,” said MTU Health Research Institute Director Caryn Hildt.“Learning more about sensors, and how to better predict and detect different types of health outcomes for patients.”This is the continuation of a collaboration between the two universities that began earlier this year at another symposium.“In March, about twenty researchers from Michigan Tech went down to MSU in Grand Rapids,” continued Hildt.“And we started thinking about how we could work together and collaborate to increase health technologies and health outcomes for Michiganders.”According to Hildt, both universities aim to deepen this collaboration. Since the first symposium, five grants have been created jointly by the faculty of both universities.The collaboration has also revealed ‘gaps’ and challenges that they could solve together.“Part of it is around big data and health care, and around computation and health care as well,” said MTU Global Campus and Continuing Education Vice President David Lawrence.“While not as well known, those two areas are helping to provide answers to some of the most complex problems of today.Being able to work through the data and the population of data, and then being able to find some of the answers that we’re looking for, really provides for the clinicians as well as physicians and others that are supporting the health care community to help solve some of the problems of today.”According to the symposium organizers, the endgame of this work would be to help Michigan be a flagship in rural health and increase health outcomes.Copyright 2023 WLUC.All rights reserved.

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