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Harvard-trained etiquette expert: Read these 2 books to improve your manners - CNBC

Author: trained etiquette expert: Read these 2 books to improve your manners

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/27/harvard-trained-expert-read-these-2-books-to-improve-your-manners.html

Image of Harvard-trained etiquette expert: Read these 2 books to improve your manners - CNBC

When you think about "manners" or "etiquette," you probably think of restriction; all the things you can't do.Sara Jane Ho would argue the opposite — that following certain social conventions can be quite freeing.Ho is a Harvard-trained etiquette expert, founder of the finishing school Institute Sarita and host of the Netflix show "Mind Your Manners.""Instead of etiquette being a restricting convention, I see it as being an empowering tool," she told CNBC Make It earlier this year.If you want to improve your etiquette, or just learn more about the social norms of other cultures, Ho recommends a few must-read titles.Here are two books that can help you better understand and practice good etiquette, according to Ho.Plus, one book she recommends if you want to manifest your goals.1.'The Culture Map' by Erin MeyerThe cultural background of your colleagues matters, and in order to work with them harmoniously, you need to understand, or at least respect, their communication styles.This book can help you do that."I always say that etiquette is contextual, and understanding a culture is step one," Ho says.Ho says that the book was particularly helpful to her as someone who frequently moves across different places and cultures, including the U.S.and China."This book was able to help me understand a lot of what I had already observed and experienced, but struggle to put my finger on," she says.2. 'The Rituals of Dinner' by Margaret VisserVisser details the peculiarities and formalities of dining in different countries through various historical eras."This book combines my love of history with my love of manners," Ho says."Every rule of etiquette has a story behind it, and table manners were invented to prevent violence at the dinner table.To quote Visser, 'Eating is aggressive by nature, and the implements required for it could quickly become weapons.'I always give my students fun historical facts during class, as you can see in 'Mind Your Manners' the show, and it will make you look at cutlery differently!"Bonus: 'Manifest Now' by Idil AhmedFrom starting her own business to securing a TV show, Ho had to sell her niche set of skills to carve out a lucrative career path.This book, she says, spoke to her as an entrepreneur."This book is so empowering because it made me realize I've been doing a lot of manifesting all along, and helped me apply more structure around it," she says."In fact, one of the exercises was to write 'I am going to receive good news in the next 24 hours' on a piece of paper.I stuck it on my bathroom wall in view of the shower. I read it to myself every morning and it's just a nonstop positive feedback loop for me."DON'T MISS: Want to be smarter and more successful with your money, work & life?Sign up for our new newsletter!As technology reshapes business expectations, some leaders are embracing change and transforming their organizations for the future.Join the CNBC Evolve Global Summit on November 2 to hear strategies to adapt, innovate and succeed in this new era of business.Buy your ticket here.

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