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Anas Andaloussi: From Minecraft Player To AI Business Prodigy - Forbes

Author: Forbes

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikebugembe/2023/10/29/anas-andaloussi-from-minecraft-player-to-ai-business-prodigy/

Image of Anas Andaloussi: From Minecraft Player To AI Business Prodigy - Forbes

Most teenagers at the age of 18 are busy navigating the maze of college applications, part-time jobs, or simply figuring out their next steps.But Anas Andaloussi, at that tender age, was already making over $50,000 from his projects monthly.Such precocious success begs the question - how did a young boy from Spain manage to build an empire rooted in artificial intelligence?The turning point for Anas came when he discovered Search Engine Optimization (SEO).By applying SEO techniques, he was able to drive traffic to his site without constantly relying on YouTube videos.A self-taught SEO expert, Anas began to reinvest his earnings into other digital projects. His Minecraft blog's popularity surged when a renowned English YouTuber joined his blog, generating big traffic to the blog.Anas in a podcast about AITENGO UN PLANBy the time he reached his senior year of high school, Anas sold his Minecraft blog and shifted his focus to niche websites optimized for SEO.He drew inspiration from Romualds, a leading Spanish SEO expert and YouTuber, and at one point was earning close to $5,000 monthly from multiple websites.However, the key point of his career was the creation of Escribelo.AI, a powerful artificial intelligence tool designed to create SEO-optimized content.Created to satisfy its own content needs, the tool currently generates more than $65,000 per month.And if that wasn't impressive enough, the entire Anas team is made up of people under the age of twenty.The Future of Anas AndaloussiAnas's starting as a passionate Minecraft player, he transformed into an entrepreneur, leveraging the power of AI and SEO.He's in the process of building a conglomerate in the AI sector, with acquisitions of related AI businesses. His latest project, QuickTok.AI, allows users to create videos from text, further cementing his position as an innovator in the AI realm.Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.Check out my website or some of my other work here.

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