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School of Business Professor, Margaret Shackell wins award and ... - Ithaca College

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Source: https://www.ithaca.edu/intercom/2023-10-28-school-business-professor-margaret-shackell-wins-award-and-presents-teaching-related-content

Image of School of Business Professor, Margaret Shackell wins award and ... - Ithaca College

By Margaret Shackell, October 28, 2023Awards and PresentationsWith co-author, Jennifer Cainas of the University of South Florida, Dr.Shackell won the “Outstanding Case Award” at the 2023 MAS/IMA Teaching Case Conference held at Iowa State University at the end of September.Their case, NASCAR: Using a Lean Mindset uses a large data set to allow students to develop critical thinking and data visualization skills as well as Cost Analysis content knowledge.Cainas & Shackell presented that case many times over the past several months.They presented at the American Accounting Association Spark Meeting (virtually) June 3rd.They presented at the Intensive Data and Analytics Summer Workshop IV in Orlando, FL June 8th.They presented at the 2023 American Accounting Association Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) in Denver, CO August 6th.By winning the outstanding case award, they will also be invited to present at the AAA Management Accounting Section Midyear Meeting in Orlando, FL in January 2024.Also at the Intensive Data and Analytics Summer Workshop IV, Dr.Shackell presented Quick Hits for Cost Students – Everyday Analytics.This session allowed faculty to learn a set of weekly exercises using Excel, Tableau, and UiPath so that they could easily implement these in their Cost Analysis classes. Dr.Shackell presented about writing and publishing cases to the Doctoral Students and Faculty of the Ph.D.Project at the Accounting Doctoral Students Association and Faculty Alumni Association Conference in Denver, CO August 6th.At the IMA/MAS Case Conference, Dr.Shackell lead six sessions.Dr. Shackell was on the editor panel, and she hosted a session with a new case writer with a seedling idea.She presented the NASCAR case (above), Via’s Cookies: Cookies to Change the World Part B (a case about tax implications for small businesses) with Emma Cole from Montevallo University, she presented Measuring and Monitoring Gary Industries Carbon Emissions: Creating a GHG Assessment for Decision Making, and Little House on the Prairie: Pitching a Show to Netflix - Is Nostalgia Something that we can Account for?, co-authored with Alison Shields of the Ithaca College School of Business Marketing Department.With Kristine Brands, US Air Force Academy, Dr.Shackell presented an Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Faculty Friday session entitled “ESG Resources for the Classroom” on October 27th.The session was designed to equip educators with teaching resources to integrate sustainability into their curriculum, empowering future accounting and finance professionals to make an impactful difference.Over 400 participants attended live, and it is recorded so that many more can watch in the future.

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