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October 28, 2023 Israel-Hamas war - CNN

Author: Hamas war

Source: https://www.cnn.com/middleeast/live-news/israel-hamas-war-gaza-news-10-28-23/h_064e08ebd30dcd4d81b47f55ad4dc72f

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16 hr 32 min agoHealth workers, patients, and civilians in Gaza spent night "in darkness and fear," says WHO From CNN’s Catherine Nicholls in LondonThe World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that health workers, patients, and civilians in Gaza spent the night “in darkness and fear,” due to a communications and electrical blackout across the Gaza strip.“During a night of intense bombardment and ground incursions in Gaza, with reports of hostilities still continuing, health workers, patients and civilians have been subject to a total communication and electrical blackout,” WHO wrote in post on X.According to WHO, hospitals across Gaza are operating at maximum capacity, unable to take in new patients whilst also “sheltering thousands of civilians.”“There are more [people] wounded every hour,” WHO said.“But ambulances cannot reach them in the communications blackout.Morgues are full.More than half of the dead are women and children.”WHO reiterated its call for “immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” writing that safe passage must also be ensured for “desperately needed medical supplies, fuel, water and food into and across Gaza.”“WHO appeals to the humanity in all those who have the power to do so to end the fighting now, in line with the UN resolution adopted yesterday, calling for a humanitarian truce, as well as the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians held captive.”Some context: Many are struggling to get in touch with people in Gaza after communications links were badly disrupted by an aerial assault overnight.The last standing major internet operator in the region, Paltel, experienced damage to its international routes, according to NetBlocks, an internet outage monitoring firm based in London. 16 hr 30 min agoFamilies of Israeli hostages fearful as military expands ground operationFrom CNN's Amir Tal and Zeena SaifiIsraeli tanks and troops near the border with Gaza on October 28 in Sderot, Israel.Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesA group lobbying for the families of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas say they are racked with anxiety that Israel’s expanded ground operation will put the hostages in more danger."This night was the most terrible of all nights.It was a long and sleepless night, against the backdrop of the major IDF operation in the Strip, and absolute uncertainty regarding the fate of the hostages held there, who were also subject to the heavy bombings,” the Hostages and Missing Families Forum said in a statement on Saturday.“Anxiety, frustration, and especially enormous anger that none of the war cabinet bothered to meet with the families of the hostages to explain one thing - whether the ground operation endangers the well-being of the 229 hostages in Gaza,” they continued. Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, parents of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a 23-year-old American who was wounded and kidnapped by Hamas at an Israeli music festival, said in a separate statement that the expansion of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza was “of extreme concern to us.”“We pray for the safety and security of the Israeli soldiers on the frontlines as they begin their mission and the safety of all hostages and innocent lives.We implore all world leaders, especially of the 33 countries represented among the hostages, to take urgent and immediate action to bring all the hostages safely home.There is not a moment to waste,” they said.Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Rear Adm.Daniel Hagari told reporters on Friday that they had notified the families of the hostages about the expanded operations.Some context: The Israeli military's expansion of its ground operation in Gaza has thrown into question the fate of the more than 200 hostages who remain inside the besieged enclave. Hamas has released a total of four hostages since its October 7 attacks, but the IDF estimates that 224 remain trapped inside Gaza.The hostages include Israeli civilians and soldiers as well as foreign nationals and children as young as 9 months.Among them are scores of hostages holding foreign passports from 25 different countries, including Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Germany and Thailand, according to the Israeli government.18 hr 5 min agoAt the scene: Once-teeming Israeli staging grounds near Gaza border now lie emptyFrom CNN's Jeremy Diamond, Mike Schwartz, Hovsep Nalbandian and Matthias SommNear the Gaza border, staging grounds once teeming with hundreds of Israeli tanks, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers have mostly emptied out.Logistics support vehicles and armored personnel carriers flowed toward Gaza.Meanwhile, other tanks traveled north, returning to those same staging grounds north of the border after a night of heavy fighting in Gaza.These are the scenes CNN observed Saturday morning, more than 12 hours after Israel launched what it described as an “expanded ground operation” in northern Gaza.IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said Saturday morning that Israeli forces remain “in the field and continue the fighting.”The signs of Israel’s incursion into northern Gaza the previous evening were clearly visible as CNN returned to multiple staging grounds north of the Gaza Strip, which days earlier were filled with tanks and armored personnel carriers pointed toward Gaza.Near the staging grounds, north-south tread marks on the surrounding roads marked the routes where tanks charged forward toward Gaza. Fields once teeming with tanks and armored personnel carriers were mostly filled with the trash left behind by troops given orders to mobilize.CNN also observed some tank units returning from the direction of Gaza, back to their forward operating positions.But unlike the tank raids the IDF carried out inside Gaza the two previous nights, many troops that charged into Gaza Friday night remained inside enemy territory as the IDF said its troops were still fighting Hamas inside Gaza Saturday morning.18 hr 44 min agoIt's afternoon in Israel and Gaza.Here's what you need to know From CNN staff The Israeli military says it is inside Gaza after announcing Friday it would expand its ground operation following the October 7 Hamas attacks.A spokesman said “the forces are in the field and continue the fighting."Israel has pounded the territory with more airstrikes after what Gazans called Friday night the heaviest bombardment of the conflict so far. Below are the latest developments...Fighting in Gaza: Israeli ground forces are inside Gaza after entering the enclave overnight from the north.Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said the Israeli military operation had undergone a significant expansion after two "targeted raids" earlier this week.Both those raids saw ground forces withdraw after a few hours.Scale unclear: A ground offensive has been widely expected following the surprise Hamas attacks, with Israel amassing thousands of troops on the border. But it does not yet appear a significant operation aimed at seizing and holding significant amounts of the territory is yet underway.Artillery strikes continue: The IDF continued to conduct heavy artillery strikes against northern Gaza on Saturday morning, with multiple explosions heard every minute.A CNN team on the ground at an Israeli checkpoint near the Gaza Strip perimeter reported intense and continuous explosions and air power.Smoke was also seen rising from the enclave.Gazans mourn: Those living inside Gaza woke up to the aftermath of intense Israeli airstrikes.Video captured by CNN shows multiple bodies, including those of children, covered in white shrouds or thick blankets, placed on the ground at a hospital.The territory is facing a humanitarian crisis, with shortages of food, water and fuel.Severed communications: Many are struggling to get in touch with people in Gaza after communications links were badly disrupted by the aerial assault. The last standing major internet operator in the region, Paltel, experienced damage to its international routes, according to NetBlocks, an internet outage monitoring firm based in London.The World Health Organization and several UN agencies both reported losing contact with staff.19 hr 4 min agoIsraeli military and Hezbollah trade fire overnightFrom CNN’s Mitch McCluskey in Atlanta, Sarah Sirgany in Beirut and Amir Tal in JerusalemThe Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon overnight, after the militant group fired rockets towards Israeli territory on Friday.“Yesterday (Friday), Hezbollah terrorists attempted to launch rockets toward Israeli territory.The rockets fell in Syria. Overnight in response, an IDF fighter jet struck Hezbollah's military infrastructure in Lebanon,” the IDF said in a statement.In a separate update on Saturday morning, the Israeli military said it used a UAV to strike a “terrorist cell” in Lebanon on Saturday after that “cell” tried to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israel.“A short while ago, a terrorist cell attempted to launch anti-tank missiles from Lebanon toward northern Israel, near Kibbutz Hanita,” the IDF said in a statement.“An IDF UAV struck the cell.” The IDF and Hezbollah have exchanged fire repeatedly along the Israel-Lebanon border in tit-for-tat skirmishes since the war began.On Friday, Hezbollah said it used guided missiles to attack Israeli military positions in the disputed Shebaa farms area – controlled by Israel but claimed by Lebanon – as well as several other Israeli border locations.18 hr 43 min agoWhat happens in Gaza “is purely an Israeli decision,” US military says From CNN’s Florence Davey-AttleeIsraeli troops move near the border with Gaza on October 28 in Sderot, Israel. Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesLt.Gen.James Glynn – the US Marine Corps three-star general who went to Israel to counsel the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – has returned home, according to Marine Corps commandant Gen.Eric Smith, in comments to reporters in DC on Friday.“Jim’s home, I talked to him last night,” Smith said. “Lt.Gen.Glynn went over to provide advice.But make no mistake – what is, has or will unfold in Gaza is purely an Israeli decision… He provided his expertise as the lead planner for a first marine expeditionary force going into the battle of Fallujah.He was asked to go over… and say, ‘Here’s what I learned,’ so we would call that a professional military exchange. He was over, he’s back now and he provided his experience to be taken, (or) not taken.”Glynn is currently the deputy commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, and was previously the commander of Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC).Some context: As CNN previously reported, the US and its allies have urged Israel to be clear about its goals in Gaza for a broader operation targeting the coastal enclave.The US has warned against a prolonged occupation of Gaza and has placed a particular emphasis on avoiding civilian casualties, US and Western officials told CNN.At least publicly, Israeli officials have articulated their plans only in broad strokes, saying that the goal is to eliminate Hamas and its infrastructure.Previous reporting by CNN’s Natasha Bertrand, Oren Liebermann, MJ Lee and Katie Bo Lillis20 hr 14 min agoWorld Health Organization says it is "out of touch" with staff and health facilities in GazaFrom CNN’s Catherine Nicholls in LondonThe World Health Organization has lost contact with its staff in Gaza, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Saturday.“Reports of intense bombardment in Gaza are extremely distressing,” Tedros wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.“We are still out of touch with our staff and health facilities.I’m worried about their safety.”The WHO chief said that the evacuation of patients is not possible due to the bombardment, and that it is not possible to “find safe shelter.”“The blackout is also making it impossible for ambulances to reach the injured,” he said.The WHO “appeals to all those who have the power to push for a ceasefire to act NOW,” Tedros wrote.The remarks from Ghebreyesus after several United Nations agencies reported losing contact with the Gazan staff amid severe communications interruptions.Gaza is approaching a near total internet blackout as the region suffered its worst loss in connectivity today since fighting first broke out on October 7.20 hr 26 min agoHeavy artillery strikes on Gaza continue Saturday morningFrom CNN's Ivana Kottasova and Adi Kopelwitz in Sderot, Israel A youth rides a bicycle past wrecked cars in the aftermath of Israeli bombing in Rafah, Gaza, on October 28. Said Khatib/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are conducting heavy artillery strikes against northern Gaza, with multiple explosions heard every minute.A CNN team on the ground at an Israeli checkpoint near the Gaza Strip perimeter is observing and hearing intense and continuous explosions and air power.Smoke can also be seen rising from the enclave.Some of the explosions are so strong that the impact can be felt physically where the team is, around a kilometer from the border.The IDF reserve soldiers who are manning the position told CNN that Friday night was by far the most intense night of bombing.They have been in the area since October 7 when Hamas launched attacks on Israel that killed more than 1,400 people and saw hundreds taken as hostages.They said that while there have been many alerts of incoming fire coming from Gaza in the past three weeks, there were only a few on Friday and none so far on Saturday.They said the bombardment observed and heard on Saturday morning is far less intense than overnight.Israeli troops have cleared out a large perimeter around the Gaza Strip, fearing incoming anti-tank weapons.20 hr 45 min agoIsraeli ground forces inside Gaza, Army spokesman confirmsFrom CNN's Zahid Mahmood and Ido SoenIsraeli ground forces are inside Gaza having entered the enclave overnight from the north, army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Saturday morning.Israeli forces “went into the Gaza Strip and expanded the ground operation where infantry, armor and engineer units and artillery with heavy fire are taking part,” Hagari said during a press briefing in Tel Aviv.“The forces are in the field and continue the fighting,” he said without giving further details.The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman’s words confirm the military operation has undergone a significant expansion after what it had earlier described as two "targeted raids," which took place on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Both those raids saw ground forces withdraw after a few hours.However, it does not appear as though any major ground offensive aimed at seizing and holding significant amounts of the territory is yet underway.Hagari said the army had suffered no casualties in overnight fighting, and added, “we keep doing everything in order to keep our forces safe.”The IDF spokesperson said Gazans who had moved south of Wadi Gaza, a waterway bisecting the centre of the strip, were in an area he called a "protected space," and would receive more food, water and medicine today, though he did not give any details.Hagari also reiterated his appeal to disregard rumours of a hostage deal with Hamas, calling it a cynical move by the group aimed at promoting what he called “psychological terror.” "Returning the hostages home is of highest national effort.And all our operational activities are directed towards the realization of this goal,” he said.

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