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Raissman: 'Mad Dog' Russo takes credibility hit with his empty promise - New York Daily News

Author: New York Daily News

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/2023/10/28/christopher-mad-dog-russo-world-series-diamondbacks-bet/

Image of Raissman: 'Mad Dog' Russo takes credibility hit with his empty promise - New York Daily News

A week ago, no one of sound mind could even imagine two eventualities:1) The Arizona Diamondbacks punching their ticket to the World Series by winning the NLCS in seven games over Philadelphia and 2) Christopher (Mad Dog) Russo preparing to parachute into Phoenix on Monday for Game 3 of the Rangers-Diamondbacks World Series playing the role of Public Enemy No.1.Russo should also be the No.1 media attraction while covering a star-starved Fall Classic for SiriusXM radio.SXM suits had no intention of spending the dough to send Russo to the Series until Monday before Game No.6 when he tripped over his own promise. Russo vowed to “retire [from radio] on the spot” if the D-Backs won NLCS games six and seven.When Sirius suits heard Arizona players chanting “Mad Dog … Mad Dog” in their jubilant clubhouse after Game No.7 the honchos at the satellite radio provider knew they struck publicity gold.What about Russo’s broken promise and lost credibility?For Dog, those “concerns” likely finish a distant second to him generating noise on a variety of media platforms while further enhancing his brand.There were a few Gasbags who breathed fire in his direction.Yet the court of public opinion didn’t exactly destroy Russo.Christopher ‘Mad Dog’ Russo arrives at the “Mike And The Mad Dog” Reunion at Radio City Music Hall on March 30, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)When it comes to Dog, throwing the word “credibility” around is an exercise in futility.It’s also a dive into the deep-end of insanity.After Arizona sent Russo into “retirement” his first priority wasn’t restoring his credibility.Instead, he went scurrying around trying to find a way out of this “mess.”Russo sought advice (including a live radio session with Howard Stern) about what his next move should be.The radio retirement bit was already gaining national attention. The sketch also had the familiar feel of past Mad Dog hoaxes.Like when Russo tried convincing the Free World he was divorcing his beloved San Francisco Giants to become a fan of the New York Yankees, a team he openly despised.A team whose fans he taunted daily on WFAN.Russo, working with Yankees fan Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa, was believable while pushing this hoax to the max, even convincing then Giants manager Dusty Baker to call their show and beg Russo not to switch allegiances.This time around, Russo, 64, with no intention of following through on his promise, put his expanding career (SXM, High Heat, First Take), on the line.He may have stumbled on to a lost opportunity.Arizona Diamondbacks players celebrate in the clubhouse after beating the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Seven of the Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 24, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)When pack-it-in time approaches, marquee sports media personalities rarely exit the big stage smoothly.It’s a difficult process that usually doesn’t end well.Unfortunately, there are health issues. Or their performance slips.Or they are unceremoniously pushed out by new management.Russo gambled on something he thought was a sure thing.He bet his career on it and lost.Maybe he should have fallen on his sword and walked away.We promise he would have gone out on top and left a lasting memory.Uh, unfortunately, that’s a promise we cannot keep. Not even Christopher (Mad Dog) Russo would bet on it.GIANT BATTLE WITH WFANIf it’s not already under consideration, the Giants organization should think about severing its radio rights relationship with WFAN, the team’s flagship station.The two parties extended their current contract in August.But with Audacy, facing bankruptcy proceedings, radio industry sources said, the status of all of the company’s sports rights agreements appear to be uncertain.The WFAN Gasbags/Giants marriage has been rocky for many moons, but mid-day yakkers Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata took the relationship to a new low.They bum-rushed former Giants linebacker, and long-time radio analyst, Carl Banks showing they have no desire of treating someone who digs in, and pushes back too hard, with dignity and respect.The Giants don’t need to subject their players and other personnel to such shabby treatment.As opposed to a conversation, this was a full-scale, high decibel interrogation.Prior to Licata, cutting the interview short, saying (in haughty tones): “I’ve heard enough … Pull him now! And Carl we appreciate your time” the three voices had been in a contentious debate over the play of linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux.Where did it go down the tubes, leading to Licata pulling the plug?On X/Twitter, Tierney said he “truly” likes Banks: ”But lecturing us on how to do a show is where today’s disconnect started.Got off the rails.Just being honest.”What?Licata, Tierney and many other Bloviators lecture coaches and players on how to do their jobs on a daily basis.That may as well be their job description. Yet when the tables are turned, the talkies whine foul?Banks wasn’t the only Giant-connected media type to recently push back at a FAN personality.On his latest YES “Get a Load of This” podcast, Russ Salzberg, also a panelist on Giants-produced “The Hangout,” fired back at FAN afternoon-drive voice Evan Roberts for saying Brian Daboll is showing “cowardly tendencies.”“You know what’s a cowardly tendency?A cowardly tendency is being a big shot sitting in a studio behind a microphone, hammering away at people, but never having the guts to go talk to somebody face-to-face,” Salzberg, who suggested Roberts pay a visit to the Giants locker room, said on the podcast.“… Go to practices.Talk to them face-to-face and tell them how you feel.”All this stuff is not to suggest a loosely coordinated attempt by Giants-media personalities to counter FAN’s harsh Big Blue opinions, but where there’s smoke …AROUND THE DIALAt the end of CBS’ halftime report, with the Giants up 14-0 over Washington, Norman Julius Esiason predicted a Giants quarterback controversy would erupt in the week leading up to Jets-Giants. It never happened.… Andrew Catalon, Matt Ryan and Tiki Barber, the same CBS crew that worked Washington-Giants, will call Jets-Giants.… Think about it: Rangers-Diamondbacks means the most recognizable World Series “team” is Fox’s crew of studio analysts — Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Derek Jeter.… The Baseball Hall of Fame named its 10 finalists for the Ford Frick award for excellence in broadcasting.Once again, the name Suzyn Waldman, the Yankees radio analyst and a true baseball pioneer, did not appear on the list. Extremely disappointing.… Mets radio voice Pat McCarthy is recovering after being hit by a car while jogging.We wish him all the best.* * *DUDE OF THE WEEK: BRIAN DABOLLThe Giants looked lost and helpless a few weeks ago.Good head coaches figure out a way to navigate rough seas.They don’t abandon ship. There were no signs of Daboll jumping overboard during the past two games.DWEEB OF THE WEEK: JIM HARBAUGHThe Michigan football coach is innocent until proven guilty but recent reports/revelations raise the stench of unethical behavior under his watch.This is the smell of a program rotting from the top down.DOUBLE TALKWhat Kyrie Irving said: “I was never on bad terms with the [Brooklyn Nets] organization.”What Kyrie Irving meant to say: “I was never on bad terms with the organization because it catered to me.”

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