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Bruce Bochy's wife proud of husband, Rangers' World Series run - The Dallas Morning News

Author: The Dallas Morning News

Source: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2023/10/27/one-year-after-bruce-bochy-left-retirement-wife-says-rangers-manager-is-born-to-do-this/

Image of Bruce Bochy's wife proud of husband, Rangers' World Series run - The Dallas Morning News

ARLINGTON — They like music.They go to a lot of concerts.It gives them memories.Plus, in retirement, you’ve got lots of free time.A Rolling Stones show two years ago particularly stuck out for Bruce Bochy. A Garth Brooks show — where they’d warbled “Friends in Low Places” together — sticks out for his wife, Kim.“It was April of 2022, our last free April,” she said this week.“The show was amazing, as usual.I remember saying to Bruce as we left: ‘He was born to do this.It’s his calling’.“And that’s how I describe Bruce and managing.”As the Rangers embark on their third trip to the World Series and Bochy’s fifth as a manager, who could argue?At this point, certainly not Kim Bochy.RangersBe the smartest Rangers fan. Get the latest news.When Rangers GM Chris Young came calling 12 months ago asking Bochy to return to managing after three years away, Kim was the more reluctant of the two.After 25 seasons of managing and three World Championships, she had seen the wear and tear the job had taken on Bochy and their life.They had three grandkids.They had moved to Nashville after 40 years in San Diego.Bochy, by his own admission, was hitting some golf balls, doing some fishing with the eldest grandchild, Broxton.He was easing into answering to “Poppa,” instead of “Skip.”It was a good life.Related:Why did Bruce Bochy come out of retirement? We went to his Nashville home to find outHis health, particularly knee and back pain, had eased.There was no criticism, as there had been in his final years managing San Francisco about managerial decisions or if there was place for a manager in his 60s in a game trying to modernize.Though she made chicken salad sandwiches and small talk when Young showed up asking Bochy to lead a renaissance, she was happy to simply sit back and wait for the eventual call from the Hall of Fame to recognize his career.“The mother in me is always protective of my kids and my husband,” she said.“So all that staff was in the back of my mind.When he was going through the process of coming back, I was like: ‘What else do you have to prove?’“That was a fear of mine. If he came back and things didn’t go as well, there would be that [criticism] that maybe the game had passed him by or something like that.You always open yourself up to criticism."The game has not passed him by.Though reliever Will Smith, who played for Bochy in both San Francisco and now with the Rangers, says it’s like having “your grandpa in the dugout,” he’s referring to wisdom and humor, not age.Over the course of the playoffs, Bochy beat Tampa Bay’s Kevin Cash, considered the benchmark for a modern-day manager, Baltimore’s Brandon Hyde, the likely AL Manager of the Year, and Dusty Baker, though older, the defending World Series champion.When Bochy returned, they made an arrangement. Kim would come to Arlington for the home series, but rarely traveled.She spent much of the summer being a grandmother to their three kids in Nashville.Didn’t even go to San Francisco for the reunion tour when the Rangers played the Giants.“He was down with that,” she said.“We’ve made it work.”They’ve kept a three-bedroom, three-bath apartment not far from Globe Life Field.This weekend it is filled with air mattresses, too. Both of the Bochy kids, their wives, and their three grandchildren arrived on Thursday for Games 1 and 2.While Bochy was doing advance meetings and media, Kim was running to the airport to pick kids up.They could have stayed in a hotel, sure, but it would have been hard for the grandkids to get over in time to see “Poppa” before he left for the stadium.So, instead, Bochy will step around and over air mattresses as he heads for the door.Kim Bochy isn’t complaining.She knows her husband has a passion that “fills a void more than sitting in his recliner does.” During Game 5 of the ALCS, when benches were clearing over Adolis García, grandson Broxton’s favorite player, getting hit by a pitch, Kim turned to her sister-in-law and said: “All I was worried about at this time last year was what I was going to make for dinner.”And laughed.“Here we are,” she added. “It’s like a fairy tale.We are so blessed to be in this position.After Game 7 in Houston, when I got to him on the field, we just looked at each other and said: ‘Can you believe we’re doing this again’?”Then they kissed.And Bochy went off to spray champagne.He was born to do this.It’s his calling.Find more Rangers coverage from The Dallas Morning News here.Click or tap here to sign up for our Rangers newsletter.Evan Grant, Rangers beat writer/insider. Evan has covered the Rangers since 1997.He has twice been named one of the top 10 beat writers in the country by the AP Sports Editors.His passions outside of covering baseball are his wife, Gina, his two step kids, two crazy dogs & barbecue.Let's not discuss the cat.Evan graduated from Georgia State University, but oddly is a Georgia fan. [email protected] @Evan_P_Grant

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