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‘Art In Service’ - Eureka Times-Standard

Author: Eureka Times

Source: https://www.times-standard.com/2023/10/29/art-in-service/

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“Art In Service” — a series of free public events slated for Nov.9 to 14 — will honor local veterans and celebrate the role creative arts can have in helping them as they move from military to civilian life.“As a country that regularly goes to war and promotes military service and life, we are bad at reintegrating veterans back into civilian life following service.The return of the warrior is a theme that goes all the way back to Odysseus,” said Jeff Crane (U.S.Army), Cal Poly Humboldt’s dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, which is helping put on the “Art In Service” event.He said, “Institutions like universities have an obligation to find ways to help veterans manage their PTSD and moral injury in a way that allows them to reintegrate.Note that I don’t say return to normal. That is not really a thing for combat veterans.There are numerous programs that have had success using writing, textual analysis and the arts to help veterans work through their trauma and find ways to manage their anxiety and other issues arising from trauma.We are launching this (‘Art in Service’) as a way to begin the process of figuring out how Cal Poly Humboldt can work more effectively with College of the Redwoods and the community in doing this crucial work.”“Art In Service” is being sponsored by Cal Poly Humboldt, College of the Redwoods, the Humboldt Independent Practice Association, Veteran Affairs Whole Health and College Corps, a state-funded service fellowship program offering full-time undergraduates $10,000 in exchange for their committing 450 hours of service to a local community nonprofit.Humboldt College Corps currently serves 120 College Corps Fellows who are placed with 25 local community partners, said Humboldt College Corps Director Sara Hart.Hart said that, “Humboldt College Corps … reached out to each of Cal Poly’s three colleges (College of Natural Resources & Sciences, College of Professional Studies and College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences) offering to co-sponsor a public-facing, service-oriented event that centered the work of a current College Corps Fellow that supported the goals of the individual college and that provided outreach and PR opportunities for the Humboldt College Corps program.“Art In Service” College Corps Fellow Joe Fox (U.S.Air Force) — a CR graduate and current Cal Poly Humboldt student — is “being centered” for this special project, Hart said. Fox is currently fulfilling his community service for College Corps through American Legion Post 274, Arcata.“This service placement has allowed him to devote additional time and energy to the veterans ceramics class that he has been teaching at CR through the support of the VA Whole Health program,” Hart said.“Art In Service” will include a panel discussion about how the arts can help bridge the gap between military and civilian life, a 5K and 10K walk/run; a “Community Connections Fair” featuring local veterans/artists and a bevy of activities; and several different ceramics demonstrations with artists who are also veterans.In addition to Fox, participating artists will include Ehren Tool (U.S.Marine Corps) from the University of California, Berkeley ceramics studio and Jessica Putnam-Philips (U.S.Air Force) from Vermont, where she runs www.clayshare.com, an online school for ceramic learning.“Additionally, Lynn White (U.S.Air Force) will be joining us from Oakland together with her husband, Mark Walker (U.S.Air Force), who runs East Bay programming for Swords to Plowshares and who’s been collaborating on projects being developed by me and Jeff Crane. And, Ryan Jensen (U.S.Marine Corps) is a local artist who came to us through a recommendation by members of the Arcata Veterans Hall (American Legion Post 274).Joe Fox and Ryan Jensen are both CR alums; Joe Fox is currently a Cal Poly Humboldt student,” Hart said.Joining these veteran artists, Hart said, will be a group of art professors interested in supporting this programming and honoring veterans’ service through active engagement.“Three are Cal Poly art professors (Nicole Jean Hill, Carly Slade and Jim Woglom).Shannon Sullivan comes to us from CR and Joshua Hart is joining us from Mass Art in Boston.He has taken classes at both CR and Humboldt … and he has worked closely with Ehren Tool,” Hart said.“Painting, photography, creative writing, memoir writing, poetry, gardening and, of course, ceramics, are all shown to be effective strategies for helping combat veterans engage in a process of working through their trauma in a safe, shared space with other veterans and often therapists,” Crane noted. “They can use the arts to share their experience while also physically, emotionally and spiritually working through the anxiety, anger, guilt and other feelings that arise from their PTSD and moral injury.It also gives the veterans an opportunity and space to share their experiences in a culture that is generally not very good at listening to what veterans have to say.”“Art In Service” events include:Nov.9: Ehren Tool demonstrations, 11 a.m.to 1 p.m.2 to 4 p.m. Cal Poly Humboldt Art + Film will host renowned ceramics artist Ehren Tool for a demonstration at the Ceramics Building on campus.This is a chance to get a closer look at Tool in the lab, chat with the artist and see the process he uses to make his ceramic cups and mugs.Nov.9: Dinner and discussion at Arcata Veterans Memorial Building, 1425 J St., 5 to 7 p.m.This program will consider how the arts can help bridge the gap between military and civilian life.Panelists will include Jeff Crane, Joe Fox , Ryan Jensen, Ella Price (VA Whole Health Integration nurse), Ehren Tool and Mark Walker.Nov. 11: “Veterans Day at McKay” at Redwood Acres, 3750 Harris St.in Eureka.The day begins at 10 a.m.with the third annual 5 and 10K walk/run at the McKay Community Forest, 3100 Harris St.in Eureka. This event is being sponsored by VA Whole Health Program.The cost to participate is $20, with all proceeds benefiting recreation and creative arts for veterans.Veterans and active-duty military personnel can take part for free.(Register at https://raceroster.com/events/2023/77986/3rd-annual-veterans-day-at-mckay.)Following the walk/run, there will be a Veteran Affairs Community Connections Fair at the Humboldt Cider Company at Redwoods Acres.Admission is free. This is a chance to meet veteran artists and art professors for a day of art-making, live music and pickleball.Ehren Tool and folks from Cal Poly Humboldt Ceramics will offer an open cup-making workshop.Art professors from Cal Poly Humboldt (Nicole Jean Hill, Carly Slade and Jim Woglom), College of the Redwoods (Shannon Sullivan) and Mass Art Boston (Joshua Hart) will be assisting the veteran artists.Artists Joe Fox, Lynn Walker, Jessica Putnam Phillips and Ryan Jensen will also be on hand.There will also be music by Claire Bent and a barbecue hosted by American Legion Post 274.“Saturday’s programming (Nov. 11) is taking place as part of the Veterans Day at McKay event, through collaboration with Ella Price, who has invited us to join in on the Community Connections Fair that follows the 5K/10K.Veterans Day at McKay is sponsored by the VA Whole Health Program and by the Humboldt IPA.College Corps Fellows will be there in force to support local veterans and to serve their community,” Hart said.Nov.13: Guest artist Jessica Putnam Phillips will be at College of the Redwoods demonstrating and discussing her work for the Adult and Continuing Education Veterans Ceramics Class with CR alumnus Joe Fox, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., CR Creative Arts 106.Nov.14: Phillips will be continuing her demonstration from the previous evening from 8:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.CR Creative Arts 106.“As a veteran,” Phillips said, “my art allows me to create a conversation between the viewer and the maker, raising awareness about veterans and their issues.My work specifically looks at service, gender roles and identity.I served in the USAF from 1995-2003.You can find out more about my work at jessicaputnamphillips.com and the Veteran Art Movement at https://www.veteran-art-movement.net.”

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