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Texas Tech's Jayden York has second spitting claim levied against him in 'Spitgate 2023' - New York Post

Author: New York Post

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/10/27/sports/texas-techs-jayden-york-accused-of-spitting-on-second-byu-player/

Image of Texas Tech's Jayden York has second spitting claim levied against him in 'Spitgate 2023' - New York Post

That was uncalled for— again.Texas Tech tight end Jayden York, who was ejected from Saturday’s game after spitting on BYU’s Tyler Batty, is being accused of spitting on a another player.“He spit on me early in the game, it’s on film too!” Cougars cornerback Eddie Heckard wrote on X on Thursday.Heckard was responding to video Texas Tech coach Joey McGuire defending York tackle Caleb Rogers — also accused of spitting at Batty — after the 27-14 BYU win.“Spitgate 2023,” McGuire said.“So, two things.Jayden York said he did not do it.I have seen every video, TV copy.I would ask y’all to go back and review the TV copy and see. … If I spit in your face, there would be a reaction.And the reaction is you either wipe it off, or you hit me in the mouth.“So go back and watch the TV copy and see what everybody believes.Just watch the TV copy,”In this angle after the 4th down fumble inside the 10 yard line, Texas Tech TE Jayden York (#15) who was later thrown out for spitting on Tyler Batty, takes his mouthpiece out, looks around and spits at Eddie Heckard (BYU #5).pic.twitter.com/tSbT0cuXiB— Jarom Jordan (@jaromjordan) October 26, 2023Jayden York is accused of spitting at multiple BYU players.Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesA clip of the alleged incident incident involving Heckard was posted to X, claiming the spit came after a failed 4th-and-1 in the red zone.Batty claimed Rogers spit at him after the final whistle had blown.“This dude just comes out of nowhere, starts saying all sorts of stuff, and then spits in my face,” Batty said, imitating a spitting motim. “And then actually, to end the game as well, their right tackle, 76, did the same thing.After Josh Singh made that tackle, just yeah, came up, and I was like, ‘Hey man, good game,’ and he was ‘beep, beep, beep.’ They were pretty upset throughout the game.You know, we will take advantage of that.”BYU cornerback Eddie Heckard (5) celebrates his fumble recovery touchdown against Texas Tech.APTexas Tech head coach Joey McGuire during the first half against BYU Saturday, Oct.21, 2023APA Texas Tech spokesperson put out a statement on Thursday following the social media circulation of the videos from the several alleged targeted spit incidents.“We have handled the matter internally and are moving on to TCU.”Last December, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin alleged that a Tech player spit on one of his players during the Red Raiders’ 42-25 win in the Texas Bowl.

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